Content Hubs: Why You Need It and How to Create One

The battle for attention is getting harder and harder and it doesn’t help that customers don’t know what they are looking for. They simply want information and marketers end up creating pages and pages of content hoping that they would answer the search intent to gain traction and convert them into buyers. In content marketing, […]

Update Content: How to Refresh Your Old Content and Improve Google Rankings

When we think about content marketing strategy, most often we only think about conducting keyword research and writing new blog posts. But what about all your old and underperforming blog posts? Those content that you’ve created months or years ago but is not ranking on the search engine 1st page.  The reality is getting into […]

What is Content Marketing? A Comprehensive Guide to Getting Started

What is content marketing? Although most people today talk about content marketing like it is something new, the practice has been around for decades! Often cited as the world’s oldest content marketing is when John Deere first published The Furrow in 1895, an agricultural magazine published print advertorial which ran long before the term content […]

9 Amazing Ways You Can Create Shareable Contents to Spread the Word-of-Mouth

Digital marketing is the go-to strategy for most businesses these days. We understand if you are facing problems with getting your content shared or promoted on social media. Due to the change in the social media algorithms, organic views have decreased drastically. Not only that, but at least 2 million blog posts are created a […]

Content Vs Links: Which Should You Work On First?

Any SEO expert will tell you that quality links and content will undoubtedly boost your ranking in Google and other search engines when used correctly. Nonetheless, which one should you focus more on first; content or link? In today’s fast-evolving digital world, where user experience is essential, there is absolutely no doubt that “content is […]

How to Create a Successful Content Marketing Funnel

Consider your online purchasing habits. Do you order from the first website you come across? Or do you first read multiple articles to diversify your knowledge on the products or services? No doubt, you fall under the second category. According to this study from Hubspot, the average buyer reads 3-5 articles before contacting a seller. […]

How To Become A Content Marketer

A content marketer is a master of many disciplines.  Today, customers are inundated by more marketing messages than ever – more than 2,900, to be exact. This creates an environment where there is attention scarcity, challenging marketers to produce content that won’t get lost in the static.  An effective content marketing strategy places your business […]

Ephemeral Content: What & How Should You Use It?

As a marketing strategy, ephemeral content is nothing new to the internet space. Today, almost all social media platforms use ephemeral media in their digital marketing. Therefore, it’s likely you’ve engaged with this new form of marketing. Perhaps what you might not be familiar with is its name, ephemeral content. Well, ephemeral marketing is temporary […]

What Is Link Bait? How To Create Content That Attracts

Creating link bait content creates a compelling movement that will stir your readers to think and link to your for reference.  For a lot of companies, marketing in the local streams and lakes comes easy over time. You know what bait to use to lure the fish (the target audience) into your boat.  The good […]

Scale Content Creation: A Complete 6-Step Guide

The Smart Way to Easily Scale Content Creation Without a Large Marketing Team Content production may seem simple. Research an outline, write and optimize your content, then publish it when you are done. Sounds easy? You may take just a couple of hours if you are quick, but that is just a single content.   No […]