BiQ’s Democratized Pricing

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Free Tier Paid Tier
Keyword Intelligence
Related Keyword Search 30 $0.050 /Search
Content Idea Search 30 $0.050 /Search
Popular Question Search 30 $0.050 /Search
Trending Search 30 $0.050 /Search
PDF Report Export 20 $0.010 /Export
CSV Report Export 30 $0.010 /Export
Content Intelligence
Page Analysis 80 $0.050 /Search
CSV Report Export 20 $0.010 /Export
Rank Intelligence
Profile 2 $0.300 /Profile
Top 100 Ranking Reveal 2,000 $0.001 /Search
Position Zero Ranking Reveal 1,000 $0.001 /Search
PDF Report Export 4 $0.020 /Export
CSV Report Export 4 $0.020 /Export
Rank Tracking
Profile 2 $0.100 /Profile
Item Tracked 10 $0.001 /Search
Delayed Ranking Update 300 $0.003 /Search
Live Ranking Update 10 $0.010 /Search
Tags 2 $0.100 /Tag
Tags Applied 20 $0.001 /Tag
PDF Report Export 4 $0.020 /Export
CSV Report Export 4 $0.020 /Export
Collection Profile 2 $0.010 /Profile
Keyword Item 50 $0.001 /Keyword
Content Item 30 $0.001 /Content
PDF Report Export 10 $0.020 /Export
CSV Report Export 10 $0.020 /Export

If you don’t use a certain feature, you don’t pay for it. Pay only for the features that you use.

Pay Only For What You Use &
Don't Pay For What You Don't Use

Have you experienced a time where you only need to use the keyword research tool but was forced to buy the entire marketing suite? Or were you in a constant dilemma where you really wanted to use the tool, but buying the entire suite is simply too costly?

Unlike traditional/conventional SEO suites that sell in packages of various sizes, BiQ approaches this differently.

BiQ promises to give cost control back to you by designing the entire tool to provide granular cost control. You pay only for what you use.

Why Pay For An Entire Suite When You Don’t Need Everything?

Time for a change. Start using BiQ, pay nothing under free tier.

No credit card required.