Content Intelligence

BiQ’s gives recommendations for content strategies based on advanced SEO analysis while being flexible and easy to use.

Insert the Target Keyword you want to rank for.

Analyze 25 Crucial Ranking Factors Instantly

Get an enterprise-grade assessment of your site’s strengths and weaknesses. They are based on 25 important content benchmarks; Content Readability, Link Density, Keyword Placements, and more.

Unrivaled Optimization Precision With Advanced Line-by-line Analysis

BiQ's line-by-line analysis will enable a high volume of text to be better analyzed. It saves time while providing more insights from the business data perspective.

Receive AI-Guided Content Optimization Steps

Having AI-guidance ensures consistency in brand, message, and style across all types of content. This approach also shows you ways to make further improvements.

Measure The SEO Value Of Each & Every Paragraph

Achieve maximum precision to know if each paragraph is contributing to the SEO of the page. BiQ allows you to gain insights into which paragraph you can further modify, optimize or delete.

Always Write With The Right Tone With Sentiment Analysis

Powered by BiQ's deep neural network, the Sentiment Analysis grades your writing into 9 categories. Have peace of mind knowing you won't annoy your customers when you only want to please them.

Speak The Way Your Customers Speak With Readability Rater

Gain total control over how casual or professional your writing is. BiQ tells how readable your content is by statistically analyzing your content structure.

Write For Your Local Community

BiQ allows you to optimize your content for 35+ languages and 100,000+ locations all around the globe. A strong local search presence is the key to generating more leads and conversions for your business.

See Your Content From Google’s POV

Ensure your pages are not only rich in content but accompanied with relevant experience for your readers. BiQ also shows you a clear road map on how to optimize as per the search engine's requirement.

Understand What Your Customers Look For In Your Content

Get insights into what your customers are looking for in your content. Answer their search intent by creating content that speaks to them directly.

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