Rank Intelligence

Track and monitor your SEO efforts on the Google rankings. Makes your daily keyword rank tracking easy, all-in-one place!

Discover Ranking That You Don't Even Know

BiQ reveals keywords that are ranking for your pages you may not have known. This will help you notice important keywords without relying on guesswork.

Uncover Your Hidden Ranking Potential

BiQ's entire site deep neural analysis will point out hidden ranking potential, letting you know the keywords and associated pages you should optimize for easy ranking.

Identify Featured Snippet Opportunities Of Your Website

BiQ allows you to analyze all the keywords your website ranks for that contains someone else's featured snippet. These are your “quick-win” opportunities to get the featured snippet

Track Your Competitors’ Ranking Movement

See how your competitors' are ranking for your target keywords. BiQ allows you to use this information to track and compare your optimization progress against them.

Hijack Your Competitors' Position Zero

BiQ will reveal your competitors’ keyword that has featured snippets. Optimize your content with these keywords to improve your search ranking.

Track Ranking Movement of Your Keywords

Track your website's ranking position for each keyword in the Google Top 100. BiQ makes your daily keyword tracking easy and simple, all in one place.

Track Ranking Movement of Your Pages

Monitor the ranking movement of individual web pages. BiQ allows you to see if there is any small to significant movement to enable you to act upon them.

Correlate Your Optimization With Ranking

Discover how your SEO efforts are paying off on the SERP. BiQ will inform you of the state of your website SEO and ranking changes.

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