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7 Online Best Writing and Optimizing Tools for Bloggers

Are you finding the best writing tools that can save your time and energy? Then you are on the right guide.

It is quite obvious that using online tools can surely save your time and energy and sometimes, there is no other way except online tools.

We can say that some tasks are very hectic without using a tool and at that time, you must go for the suitable tool.

There is a simple example that if you want to check plagiarism, you need to use a plagiarism checker and there is no other way to check.

And same goes for other tools that are specifically designed for writing tasks. we have shortlisted some of them and we are going to discuss them in detail.

These tools will surely be helpful in your writing tasks so, have a look at them.

1.      Online notepad

First of all, you need to write content and then further you can make modifications in it and for writing something, you need a notepad for sure.

There are majorly two options when we talk about the notepad and these two options are online notepad and the second option is an offline notepad.

Here we are specifically talking about online notepad, this is mostly free of cost and readily available on the internet, you just need a device and an internet connection.

The good thing about online notepads is, you don’t need to install them on your device

2.      Plagiarism checker

We are pretty sure that most of the bloggers are known about the importance of uniqueness because it is a very compulsory factor if you are going to write a blog.

But how plagiarism checker helps you in this context?

A plagiarism checker is basically designed just to highlight the plagiarized text and there is no other purpose of using a plagiarism checker.

It is limited to a specific task but it is not wrong to say that this is the most important tool especially for blogging.

Fortunately, you can go for any checker available on the internet and you need to choose the one which fulfills your requirements.

3.      Paraphrasing tool

If any plagiarized text is highlighted by the plagiarism checker, then what to do next?

Obviously, you need to remove or change this plagiarized text and it can easily remove by using a paraphrasing tool.

We can say that this tool is specifically designed to eliminate plagiarism from your content and the working of this tool is very simple.

If you are willing to use this tool, you can simply copy the content you want to make free from plagiarism and paste it into the paraphrasing tool.

And it is done by your side, this tool efficiently rephrases the content and provides you the uniqueness.

4.      Grammar checker

It can be a bad choice to publish a blog with grammatical mistakes so, you need to remove them.

We can say that if you are correcting the grammatical mistakes on your own manually then it can be a hectic task.

Then what to do?

Simply you can use a grammar checker that can highlight the errors and help you remove them by giving suggestions.

The general working of a grammar checker is, it highlights the errors that can be of pronunciation, spelling mistakes, and tone as well.

Then it will provide the suggestions and you can instantly replace these suggestions with the errors at your single click.

5.      Article rewriter

You can take a basic concept of this tool after having a look at the name of this tool. It is originally designed to change the words with synonyms.

But why do we need to replace the synonyms?

The simple is that, when you are using synonyms in your content, you will get free from the charge of using plagiarized content.

Is the working of this tool being same as the paraphrasing tool?

Both of these tools i.e., paraphrasing tool or an article rewriter has the same work as both of them are dedicated to changing the plagiarized words with their synonyms.

6.      Text summarizer

Sometimes, it can be difficult to write a precise conclusion containing all the main points and we can say that it is also very important.

At this point, you can surely use a text summarizer as it is dedicated to shortening the text while preserving the main theme and main points.

Most of the people already know that it can be very difficult to shorten the text to contain all the main points manually.

So, it can be a good choice to use this tool.

7.      Keywords density checker

As we have mentioned above that using keywords in the content is compulsory but it doesn’t mean to stuff the keywords.

You need to add them properly by checking the density of the keywords which means you need to add keywords in a limited number.

If you are adding keywords without keeping the focus on density then it will be considered as keyword stuffing and you need to avoid it.

Steps to writing an SEO oriented blog

We can say that there are just a few steps that can surely help you in this context and following those steps are very easy.

If you don’t follow them, it is clear that you will not be able to write content that can be considered search engine-oriented.

All these steps are discussed below.

1.      Use proper headings

Whether you are a writer by profession or not, you must be known of the importance of headings and it is compulsory to use them properly.

Headings are not only compulsory when you are going to write a blog but it is very important in every type of content.

Since I was a student, I am using headings from that time and that’s why we said that it is really important.

Headings are the source of telling your audience that what you are going to discuss below and that’s why they should be used properly.

2.      Choose the right keywords

Keywords can surely make your content reachable to the audience and you need to choose the right keywords.

If you choose the right keywords, you can easily rank your content but the only condition is to target the right keywords.

But how can we target the right keywords or how can we find suitable and relevant keywords?

Various tools are used to find the relevant keywords and by using these tools, you cannot only find keywords but you can do many more tasks

You can use keyword research tools such as BiQ’s Keyword Intelligence or LSIGraph: LSI Keyword Generator to get proper keywords to use.

3.      Avoid content duplication

It is very clear and straightforward that you cannot rank your content or make it search engine optimized by using duplication in your content.

So, if your real preference is to make your content-oriented or optimized then you should avoid duplication or plagiarism.

You are not just putting your rankings at risk but you are also putting your reputation at risk too.

But how can we avoid duplication? There are some steps and tools that you can use for making your content unique.

Everyone is well-versed in the utilization of duplicate content detectors. The plagiarism checker by lets you instantly find instances of plagiarism in your content for free. You would only have to provide a piece of text to the tool and, You will be given a complete report about the duplication and originality in the text within a few seconds. Who would have thought that checking plagiarism could be that much easy?

4.      Optimize your images

Content is not just a text but it also includes images and other multimedia elements so, it is important to optimize your images.

First of all, you need to compress your images and the reason for compressing the images is to make them open or load in less time.

And keep it in your mind that if your website or blog loads in less time, it can surely reduce the bounce rate.

We know most of the people are still not aware of the bounce rate so, we can make them clear now,

You can get a high bounce rate if a user gets into your website and due to some reason, the user instantly switches to the other website.

5.      Go for high-quality content

High-quality content doesn’t mean using difficult vocabulary and vocabulary that is not easily understandable by a native user.

You must need to maintain the readability of your content by using easy but modern vocabulary and it is not that difficult.

Keep it in your mind that the easier your content, the more people read it and get the benefit.

And it is pretty sure that you’ll capture a high number of audiences just by using easy and modern vocabulary that can be easily understandable.

You can also ensure that your content is high-quality and SEO-friendly by using SEO content optimizing tools like BiQ’s Content Intelligence.


As we have mentioned above that using online tools is very useful and important in some situations and that’s why we have discussed the top 5 most used and most important tools.

You don’t need to pay for these tools as most of them are free of cost so, have a look at them and get the suitable one.

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