Keyword Intelligence

Discover which keyword to use based on great keyword ideas, ranking opportunities, and traffic potential!

Generate Semantically Related Keywords

BiQ suggests keywords that are semantically related to your target keyword. Use them in your content to help search engines understand your content better.

Conduct Keyword Research for Local SEO

BiQ will help you to dominate your niche wherever you are located. Localized keyword research will help you find the most valuable keywords for your local business.

Research In More Than 35+ Languages

BiQ allows you to do your keyword research from a choice of more than 35 languages. This will make your keyword choice relevant to your target customer.

Uncover Hidden Opportunities With Long Tail Keywords

Find a handful of long-tail keyword opportunities you can rank for. All it takes is just a single seed keyword to get you hundreds of long-tail keywords.

Decipher Your Customer’s Behavior With Keyword Intent Analysis

BiQ uses its rule-based machine-learning algorithm to predict the real intention of each keyword. Knowing your customer’s intent is the key to create content that they will want to read.

Find Trending Topics & Keywords For Your Content

Explore what are the hot searches now. Stay up to date with the trending topics so you can easily develop clickable and shareable content.

Get Accurate Real-time Keyword Data & Trend

BiQ provides your keyword research with accurate real-time data and trends. Discover keywords that you are searching for and use them to hack the SEO ranking.

Identify The REAL SEO Value of Each Keyword

Get to know high-value keywords that will boost the organic traffic of your website. BiQ combines both statistical formula and contextual analysis to let you know the SEO value of each keyword.

Collect & Revisit Keywords That You Like

Keywords you found can be stored in your chosen Collection. Save your work and keep your progress in check!

Discover Popular Questions Your Customer Ask

BiQ will show you how to create content that answers your customers’ questions. This will bring in traffic whose search implies that they're in the market for your product.

Brainstorm Fresh Content Ideas

BiQ gives you fresh content ideas that come straight from the top SERP results, ensuring they please both your customers and search engines.

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