Who is BiQ?

BiQ is the world’s first SEO suite that democratizes pricing and lets you scale as your needs grow. We want to let you pay only for what you use by giving cost control back to you.

Our story

BiQ is short for Business Intelligent Quotient. It’s history dates back to 2017 where the idea started from a calculator. It began when a group of experienced marketers in the company gathered to calculate the sales efficiency of the year.

The team found out that we were spending thousands of dollars every month on different SEO tools handling different functions.

The cost was certainly unbearable for any startups or small to medium businesses. Several brainstorming sessions were for that one golden idea. And BiQ was born!

The main idea that pushes the existence of BiQ is having marketers to, “Pay Only For What You Use & Don’t Pay For What You Don’t Use”.

Where does the name “BiQ” come from?

Coincidentally, on 619 (June 19), we realized 619 looked like the word “BiQ” and Business iQ sounds exactly like what we wanted to achieve.