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Why Are Your Facebook Ads Not Delivering? Here’s How to Fix Them

Facebook ads not delivering

If you're running ads on Facebook and are facing challenges, there are ways to fix them. This article answers the question of why are your Facebook ads not delivering.

Facebook ads not performing? Read on to learn about the reasons why are your Facebook ads not delivering and what you can do about it.

Facebook is too huge for any business that’s looking to gain social media traction to ignore.

In today’s social world, if you want to make a real impact on your online marketing strategy, you must be active on social media, particularly Facebook. If you don’t already have one, you must know that your business needs a Facebook page.

BiQ Facebook page

Facebook is where your future customers and prospects hang out.

So, if you’re not already on there, you are missing out on a lot!

Facebook records millions of visits daily, liking over 4.1 million posts every minute, posting comments, photos, and status updates.

Simply put, Facebook has a large and engaged user base that’s ripe for the taking. But perhaps what’s even more impressive is the ridiculous amount of time visitors spend on the social media platform every day.

Yet, the social media giant has only about two million active advertisers.

Talk about an opportunity!

Reasons Why You Should Be Advertising on Facebook

Facebook ranks as the most popular social media marketing tool by far. It’s especially popular among local advertisers – and for a good reason.

That said, here’s a comprehensive list of reasons why you should invest in Facebook ads:

1. Facebook Ads Work

Example of facebook ads that work

96% of social media marketers believe Facebook is the best social media platform to boost your ROI. This applies across the board for both B2B and B2C companies.

A majority of internet users already have a Facebook account and use them extensively every day. Therefore, it’s upon you to take advantage of this marketing prospect to increase your social media presence and boost your sales.

Facebook ads work. You just need to tap into the right target audience and send the right message, and you’re in business.

2. Facebook Ads Target Specific Users

Facebook comes packed with tons of cool features and settings to help advertisers target specific users for their ad campaigns. It would be difficult to see your Facebook ads not delivering, especially if you’ve got all your bases covered.

Facebook ads demographic

Different ad types like video ads, carousels, and the level of granularity the search engine giant offers make its targeting capabilities the best of the bunch.

Therefore, whether it’s by behaviors, demographics, connections, languages, interests, locations, age ranges, and languages, you can dig quite deep with these targeting capabilities.

Facebook also allows you to layer these targeting capabilities together to ensure you’re ridding your ads of any questionable or out-of-market clickers.

That said, Facebook easily ranks as the most targeted digital marketing form as it allows advertisers to promote content according to:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Industry
  • Job title
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Marital status
  • Behaviors
  • Etc.

With this ocean of data, the thought of your Facebook ads not delivering is quite intriguing. It basically means you’re not doing something right.

You can use Facebook advertising to engage customers even more whenever they visit your website or interact with your products/services.

This strategy works even better for advertisers who know their customers by heart. You know your audience well enough to tell their interests and align their products/services to those interests.

Location targeting is especially useful and effective for local businesses looking to advertise their products or services on Facebook.

3. Facebook Ads are Easy to Set Up

Content marketers love the very idea that Facebook ads are super-easy to make.

There isn’t much hassle creating an ad campaign from this social media giant.

Setting up facebook ads

Facebook will give you a step-by-step guide for all the critical steps for your advertising. From selecting your ad type to defining your target audience. The idea of your Facebook ads not converting will be a thing of the past.

The social media platform also allows advertisers to set up their budgets and timeframes for their ads. Basically, you’ll have more customization features and settings at your disposal to ensure you get exactly what you ask for.

You can choose from several Facebook formats, bidding options, and delivery selections to make your ads even more targeted. It’s so highly customizable that you’d wonder why Facebook ads are not effective.

For example, advertisers can choose from pay per click, pay per impression, or pay per action ad campaigns. You’re basically spoilt for choice and only limited to what you can achieve from your pay-per-click campaign.

4. Facebook Ads are Affordable

Besides being highly customizable, Facebook ads are also practically free! Not quite free, but they’re just very affordable that you wouldn’t feel a pinch.

Why is Your Facebook Ads Not Delivering: Facebook ads budget spend

In fact, this is one of the primary reasons why you’d need to advertise on this social media platform. It won’t strain your advertising budgets.

Most Facebook ads cost a fraction of what you’d pay on other online marketing channels.

Try Facebook ads if you’re strapped for cash. It will be the best investment you ever made.

You make sure you’ve set a reasonable daily Facebook budget. Remember, you wouldn’t want to exceed your initial spending budget. Setting your budget from the start will give you more control over how much you actually spend on your Facebook ads.

And like with PPC advertising, the social media giant will also stop showing your ads when you reach your maximum ad budget. By that, we mean that the higher your advertising budget, the more Facebook users and prospects you’ll reach. Awesome, right?

5. Facebook Ads Increase Revenue, Sales, and Leads

When done right, your efforts with Facebook advertising will definitely bring you new traffic and leads. But you’ll get more than that.

You’ll also get more sales.

Facebook ads results

You can do this by tagging people who visit your website with a cookie. This data will help you build a strong remarketing campaign.

At the same time, you’ll want to apply behavioral and demographic filters to target your ads to a specific audience that’s interested in your products/services. Facebook ads will help you capture more qualified leads and make sales more frequently.

But, Why is Your Facebook Ads Not Delivering?

Facebook has over 2.8 billion monthly active users from whom you can collect data to make your ads more targeted and optimized. With every update, check-in, post, like, and comment, Facebook stores information.

It’s for this reason that the social media giant is basically every marketer’s library. Facebook is an ocean of critical data you can use to make your ads more targeted and optimized for your customers and prospects.

Therefore, you can easily show ads that resonate well with your customers, thereby boosting your overall sales and traffic.

However, with this giant database of information, and other advanced features, marketers can easily make mistakes that cost them customers and traffic.

Any marketer with Facebook ads not delivering should consider the fact that they might be doing something wrong down the advertisement chain.

With that, here are some common issues you might have with your Facebook advertising:

1. Wrong Type of Content

One of the most common mistakes advertisers make when displaying their ads to their target audiences is showing the wrong content to the wrong audience.

While Facebook itself has an ocean of data you can use to create an audience base, that doesn’t always mean it’s 100% accurate. For instance, when you like content, comment on posts, check-in at places, or share certain posts, the social media giant assumes what interests you. This then becomes a factor when Facebook creates your audience segment.

Why is Your Facebook Ads Not Delivering: wrong type of content
Image source: Advertisemint

However, how accurate are these interests? You might have simply liked a post you saw randomly. But that doesn’t mean you actually mean that you would engage with the brand or make a purchase.

To gain a clearer perspective on this, check your own Facebook ad preferences. You’d be shocked at some of the topics the social media platform thinks you’d be interested in. Moreover, marketers are using this same information to present ads they believe you’ll find interesting and engaging.

You’ll also want to know whether your target audience is more responsive to images or videos. Some ad types don’t perform well on certain audience types.

2. Your Ad Creatives Aren’t Relevant or Attractive

Like all other brands, Facebook is a business first. Therefore, it strives to ensure it provides its users with an environment it believes they will find engaging and entertaining. Therefore, if the search engine giant finds your ad to have very little to no engagement or even bad engagement from your target users, then it won’t show it as often as it would for ads with lots of positive engagement.

The secret here is to draft, edit, and revise your content using BiQ Content Intelligence. This SEO tool will provide you with the best content-driven strategies to ensure you advertise SEO-friendly content to your target audience.

BiQ Content Intelligence will help you in drafting and optimizing the best copies

BiQ’s Content Intelligence will also provide you with interactive writing tips to aid your content creation process. You’ll also have access to the real-time text editor to ensure you’re only publishing A-grade ads for your target audience. It’s the perfect SEO tool to get the right ad content in front of the right target audience.

3. Your Bid is Too Low

Facebook has one of the most advanced algorithms that determine which users see your ads and which ones don’t.

Why is Your Facebook Ads Not Delivering: Low bid

Therefore, even within your target audience, not every user will actually get to see your ad. Generally, Facebook only serves those users it believes will be more likely to reach the objective you are optimizing for, whether it’s a lead gen form submission, ad engagement, online purchase, or landing page view.

Facebook’s decision-making process stems from ad performance and user interaction with it, whether positive or negative. As such, this learning process could easily be hampered when advertisers use too restrictive budgets or bid goals.

For instance, it’s basically impractical to give Facebook a $1 daily budget for a $20 product. Then you expect the search engine to optimize your product for conversions. With a small budget, Facebook won’t be able to serve your ads and learn fast enough to see any tangible success. Consequently, it will stop serving your ad altogether.

4. You Reach the Account Spending Limit

Facebook also has terms and restrictions around the texts that advertisers can have in their advertisement images. By this, we mean the number of words you can show in any one image. This is similar to its audience size guidelines but much more restrictive.

Why is Your Facebook Ads Not Delivering: Reach account spend limit
Image Source: AdEspresso

Each ad on Facebook can only have 20% text in its image format. Otherwise, the social media giant will limit its impressions or shut down the ad completely.

Facebook also limits advertisers, especially when advertising on some special categories. These may include age, housing, politics, dating, etc. Such advertising categories are protected, and advertisers might require additional approval to ensure there’s no discrimination in the message being advertised.

Conversely, but in rare cases, your ads might be flagged for various violations on the platform when you’ve not actually breached any terms.

On other occasions, Facebook might automatically deny displaying ads that are close in line with its violations and content restrictions. However, if you feel your ad has been wrongly disapproved, you can always contact the friendly support team to have it approved again.

5. You Chose the Wrong Objective

Here’s another common mistake most Facebook advertisers make when publishing ads on social media platforms.

Upon creating an ad campaign on Facebook, you’ll be required to choose an objective befitting your campaign. Generally, you won’t’ have to put too much thought into this section. However, it’s imperative to note that the ad objective you choose pre-populates specific features in your ad campaign.

It will also preset what Facebook thinks will help you meet your campaign objective quickly.

Therefore, by selecting the wrong ad objective, you might end up missing out on some critical features that would otherwise help boost your ad campaign further.

Why is Your Facebook Ads Not Delivering: facebook objective ads

That’s why Facebook and other expert marketers advise that you hover over the info icons of all objectives you might consider using to get additional details from them. You can also review Facebook’s Ad Guide for more information on each ad objective and its features.

6. You’re Not Split Testing

Split testing your ad’s performance is another effort you should start implementing across all your advertising and marketing campaigns if you haven’t started already.

It’s particularly effective on Facebook as it allows you to run multiple ad sets within your ads campaign with slight differences between them. These random ads are then served to a target audience randomly and monitored to see their performances on the social media platform.

Why is Your Facebook Ads Not Delivering:  split test

Using split testing on your Facebook ads essentially allows you to determine which ad set is the most effective, which one works faster, and how you can use the ad sets to improve your ad campaign.

7. Your Audience is Too Small

Facebook has had quite a few privacy concerns and scares over the years. One strategy the social media platform is using to keep things air-tight is by requiring all advertisers to target a minimum audience size when running an ad campaign.

Why is Your Facebook Ads Not Delivering: Facebook ads audience size too small

For instance, Facebook’s algorithms won’t let your ad run if your active users fall below 1,000. In other words, you must have a minimum of 1,000 active users to run a Facebook ad campaign.

However, there are instances when your active users are way below what you initially projected. This can be due to a number of reasons, like when you are using an incorrect targeting layer, or maybe your targeting parameters don’t have enough users.

Generally, you may end up with a small audience for any number of reasons. This could also cause your Facebook ads not to show completely.


Generally, there are several reasons why Facebook ads are not effective or you have Facebook ads not delivering as per your projections.

But unless you’re going against Facebook’s ad regulations, there’s no reason for things to stay that way. You may give it some time for your ads to gain traction with your customers.

However, once you’ve found a sweet spot with your ad strategy, then crafting an effective copy and communicating valuable information to your target audience is everything you need to maximize your Facebook ad performance.

Above all else, it’s important to create goals for your ads, analyze your performance regularly, and use meaningful data to optimize your future campaigns.

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