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Lifestyle Blog – 3 Steps To Generate High-Converting Blog Post

It's not difficult to start a lifestyle blog. The deeper question you should be thinking about before you start is how to create a high-converting blog. That's what you should be aiming for.

You live an amazing life and love sharing with others.

So you decided to start a lifestyle blog.

You were so excited from the beginning. You’ve written tons of content and enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, this excitement faded away after a few weeks…

You didn’t know what to write about and lost motivation. You felt like you’ve used all lifestyle blog ideas and wanted to quit.

If you’re feeling this way, you’re not alone. In fact, most bloggers feel like that at some point and the majority of them quit.

However, you can be different.

Discover ways to find lifestyle blog ideas today and make your blog successful. Have tons of lifestyle blog ideas that drive massive traffic and accomplish your goals.

What Is a Lifestyle Blog?

Best Lifestyle Blog - Blog On Your Own
Source: Blog On Your Own

A lifestyle blog is a blog about your life.

You capture your experiences, share memories, and tell interesting stories from your life.

You may be wondering why would someone read a lifestyle blog. They might as well go and live their lives, right? 

There are 3 reasons for that.

  1. Amusement – everybody loves listening to interesting stories and funny experiences
  2. Self-help – you’ll help your readers to better enjoy and improve their lives
  3. New ideas – whether it’s deciding to go for a trip or figuring out how to save money. You’re giving your readers tons of new useful ideas

However, if you want to make your lifestyle blog successful, you must realize one important thing.

What Is The Purpose of Your Blog?

You love talking about yourself and sharing your experiences. That’s why you created a lifestyle blog right?

You’ve learned earlier that your lifestyle blog is about you. However, that’s not totally true. 

Your lifestyle blog isn’t just about you. It’s about your readers. 

Yes, you talk about your lifestyle. However, you should do it in a way that benefits your readers. Here’s something that you can consider when you write a lifestyle blog.

Think of the world as your readers.

Finding Purpose: You and Your Nonprofit - Nonprofit Marketing Guide
Source: Nonprofit Marketing Guide

You can easily accomplish that by writing about topics like:

  • 5 tricks I use to save more money
  • 10 great photo ideas you must try
  • How I manage my stress at work

You talk about you and your lifestyle. 

But you’re doing it in a way that benefits your readers. They’ll get something out of it, improve their lives and come back for more!

Always keep in mind that you’re doing it for your readers.

How Can You Attract Different Readers?

A lifestyle blog captures the way you live.

Everybody lives the same life, we just live it differently. We all have the same problems such as budgeting, family, and stress.

You should write about a variety of topics to target everybody. 

Blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers

You can divide your blog into categories and get to different readers. Your blog could be divided into these categories for example:

  1. Style & fashion
  2. Finances
  3. Traveling
  4. Work

That way, you’ll have diversity in your blog and lots of new stuff to write about. It’ll help you get more traffic which in turn makes your blog successful.

How to Generate Tons Of Blog Ideas

Diversifying your blog will give you much more options and as I said, you’ll have a lot of new things to write about. However, you shouldn’t count on it because as everyone knows, writer’s block is real and you’ll run out of ideas sooner or later. 

You need a better strategy.

And here are 3 easy ways for finding new lifestyle blog ideas. 

They’ll help you generate lots of ideas that can generate tons of new readers. 

1. Get Inspired By “Ideas Websites”

75 Blog Post Ideas for the Lifestyle Blogger
Source: HeleneInBetween

You can find blog ideas in “ideas websites”.

Their only purpose is to give you ideas on what to write about. They’re usually divided into lifestyle categories we’ve talked about earlier.

Go through the list of ideas and write down the topics you like. 

Here’s a list of lifestyle ideas websites.

However, you shouldn’t rely on this approach alone since like you, your competitors have probably used most of them as well. 

The second problem here is a lack of data. You don’t know if people are still interested in the topics suggested. 

What might’ve been a trend in the past can be long gone. You can end up writing about the topics nobody searches for anymore. It’ll only waste your time and bring no results.

You should either get data to make sure that the topic you’ve chosen is still in trend or find a better way to generate ideas.

2. Perform A Lifestyle Blog Ideas Research

Keyword research is another option to help you generate tons of blog ideas.

You’ll also have better data about each idea/topic and know if it’s worth your efforts. Combine it with the previous strategy and have even more high-converting ideas!

Start by going to the ideas website listed above and pick out a topic.

We’ve picked the How to save money for example use. Now, you’ll need the help of a keyword research tool. There’s a ton of these free tools out there. 

We’ll be using BiQ Cloud, which you can use for free.

BiQ is a comprehensive SEO suite with a collection of tools providing different functionalities. For this particular use – generate topics for your lifestyle blog, we’ll only be using their Keyword Intelligence tool.

Here’s a quick run-through of how to use the tool, don’t worry, it’s dead simple!

Do a keyword research to get more blog post ideas

Just type in the keyword phrase to the search box and hit enter. 

You’ll get in-depth data about the keyword. You should focus on related keywords, their intent, and search volume.

The best way to target the right audience is by matching their intent. There are 3 types of intents possible for every keyword, informational, transactional, and navigational. 

As a lifestyle blogger, you’re providing your readers with information. So you want to be looking at keywords with the “informational” intent. 

Click on the Advanced Filter in the upper menu to filter the results.

Bloggers should learn more on keyword researching to generate high-converting blog posts.

Drag the slider all the way to the right to pick out the long-tail keywords. 

“Long-tail keywords account for 70% of all web searches.” – AWR

They’ll allow you to target a more specific audience. Check the informational intent to target readers that are looking for information.

However, you can find plenty of ideas in the transactional intent too, so try to check it out too.

With this tool, you’ll get tons of ideas you can use for your blog. 

Focus on the ones with the best value (the last column). They have the most positive traffic to competition ratio.

Write down the ideas you like and create blog posts for them. 

It’ll help you generate tons of high-converting ideas, that will help you get more readers to your blog. However, if you want to make your blog successful, you must study your competitors too.

3. Steal Ideas From Your Competitors

You must constantly keep an eye on your competitors.

Monitor their strategy and keep them close. It’s the only way to stay on track and have a competitive edge.

This can yet again be easily done using BiQ.

Just go to the BiQ Cloud Rank Intelligence and hit Create New Profile.

Use BiQ to steal ideas for your own lifestyle blog post. For example getting your ideas from Vogue about fashion!

Type in your competitor’s domain and create a new profile. You’ll get detailed statistics about your competitor’s ranking.

Scroll down to filter the results. 

Keep everything as it is, just set the search ranking from 1 to 10. It’ll help you target only the keywords that are on the first page of Google.

“75% of people do not go beyond the first page of Google.” – HubSpot

Hit Create View to generate the results. You’ll get the keywords and in-depth data about them. You can also use the search feature at the top to narrow down the results.

You should perform a competitor keyword research regularly to generate tons of ideas for your blog. However, keep in mind that you should always create a better blog post than your competition.

It’ll allow you to steal their customers, outrank them and stay ahead.

Learn more about competitor keyword analysis in our previous post.

Why You MUST Have A Content Calendar

If you’re blogging as a hobby, you don’t need a content calendar since you can just publish whenever you feel like it. However, if you want to grow your online business, you must take it seriously.

“81% of people who set goals do achieve them.” – Neil Patel

An essential tool bloggers should use is a content calendar.
Source: Airtable

You must set goals to be successful. Without them, you don’t know what to do and end up wasting lots of time and effort. 

The second part of it is recording your strategy.

“Marketers who record their strategies are 538% more likely to complete tasks on time.” – Evinex

A content calendar will allow you to do both of these things.

How to Create a Content Calendar?

A content calendar consists of 3 parts.

  1. Goal setting – set a big realistic goal you want to achieve – like having 5k blog visitors per month by December. Boil it down to smaller goals that will help you achieve it
  2. Blog Schedule – write down what to publish on specific days and times.
  3. Tracking goals – track your progress, see what works and adjust your strategy. Do restaurant review blog posts attract more readers? What about making it into a series to boost the visitor count? 

Try to plan your content at least a month ahead.

“Companies publishing 16+ blogs per month receive 3.5X the amount of traffic as companies publishing only 0-4 blogs.” – HubSpot

You don’t need expensive tools to create a content calendar. Google Sheets or Google Calendar is all you need.

It’s free, reliable, and easy to use.

How to Bring More Traffic To Your Lifestyle Blog

Publishing blog posts regularly is one of the many ways to help you get more traffic.

However, if you want to convert mere visitors to avid readers, you must make sure that your blogs are high-quality and relevant.

However, you shouldn’t only use these tips in your future blog posts. Apply the tips on your existing blog posts too.

“Updating old content, adding more relevant keywords and correcting spelling led to 486% traffic increase.” – Ahref

We’ll look at two easy ways to make your content better. It’ll help you stand out, beat your competition, and get more traffic.

Answer Popular Questions

You must make sure that your content is relevant.

It’s the only way to attract more visitors and make them stay. The easiest way to do that is by answering their curiosity. How can you know what they’re interested in? By researching the questions they typed into search engines like Google. 

You could go to Google and conduct deep research. However, this is very time-consuming and ineffective. 

Using BiQ Cloud Popular Questions is a much better option. Let’s take the same keyword How to save money to find the popular questions related to it.

Type in your topic in the BiQ Cloud Keyword Intelligence.

Hit enter and you’ll get to a result page just like the one you saw for keyword research. Now, click on the Popular Questions tab located in the upper menu.

You’ll see all the popular questions for your topic AND the top answers to them. Answering these questions and creating blog posts out of them can help make your blogs more relevant and useful.

It’ll help you with getting a featured snippet too.

“Feature snippet helps you gain 31% more traffic compared to just having the first position without the featured snippet.” – Ahref

However, making your content relevant is only one part of success. You must also make it SEO-friendly and easy to understand.

Perfect Your Blogs With Content Intelligence

Relevant content is important.

However, if your content isn’t SEO-friendly and easy to understand, nobody will find it. You won’t get any visitors. 

The whole process of creating content will be worthless…

Fortunately, you can avoid it with BiQ Cloud Content Intelligence.

Type in the URL to your article, the target keyword, and hit enter. 

Content Intelligence will analyze your content and show you all errors you should improve.

You’ll get an in-depth analysis of target keyword performance, but also of on-page SEO. It’s a lifesaver if you’re looking for a quick insight into how your content is performing.

Go through each category – WordVector SEO, Keyword SEO, Fundamental SEO and fix all suggested edits or improvements.

They’re the errors that impact your rankings.

You should start fixing them today so you can rank higher, beat your competitors and get more traffic.

The Conclusion

If you struggle with finding new ideas for your lifestyle blog, you’re not alone. 

In fact, everybody gets frustrated after some time and can’t find any topics to write about. Unfortunately, most bloggers usually quit.

You can’t be the same.

Be different, follow the tips above, and find new lifestyle blog ideas.

They’ll help you get the motivation back and make your blog more popular. They’ll also help you target the high-converting topics that bring tons of traffic.

However, finding ideas is only a part of it.

You must also optimize your content. We’ve talked about 2 ways to make your lifestyle blog stand out and outrank your competitors.

They’ll help you get more readers and accomplish your business goals.

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