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Top 8 AI Press Release Generators: Which One Reigns Supreme?

In today’s fast-moving digital world, press releases are getting a major upgrade thanks to AI. It’s pretty cool how these tools are changing the game, making it quicker and easier for businesses to get their news out there. We’re set to conduct a thorough comparison of eight different AI press release generators, each promising to streamline and enhance the way we share news.

Before we jump into the nuts and bolts like Quality of Content, Customization, and how fast these tools can churn out a press release, let’s set the stage. Choosing the right AI press release generator is a big deal. It’s not just about speeding up the process; it’s about finding the perfect match that understands your vibe and gets your message across effectively.

Press releases are key to storytelling, shaping your brand’s narrative and how people see it. The ideal AI service goes beyond simple text generation; it aligns with your brand and resonates with your audience, taking your news to the next level. It’s about using technology to inform, engage, and inspire. As we look at these AI tools, remember it’s not just about quick results; it’s about finding a creative ally to bring your company’s story to life. Now, let’s dive in and discover how each can make your announcements stand out.

Direct Showdown

Alright, the moment of truth has arrived. Let’s roll up our sleeves and see how these contenders stack up against each other across our essential criteria.

Quality of Content:

MarketersMEDIA: Known for consistently producing well-written, coherent, and professional press releases, setting a high standard in content quality.

MarketersMEDIA AI Press Release Generated article. Faced difficulties in generating press releases, which raises concerns about its reliability and performance.

Hypotenuse: Delivers well-written and professional content, with the added bonus of “continue writing,” which is a powerful AI tool that enhances content quality by allowing users to effortlessly expand or refine their press release text. It adapts to the text’s style and pattern, facilitating seamless content extension or direction changes.

Hypotenuse AI Press Release Generated article.  
After using the “continue writing” feature on Hypotenuse.

Copy AI: Generates generally reliable content but tends to lack the depth and detail found in more established services like MarketersMEDIA.

Hyperwriteai: Provides content that is both coherent and professional, making it a solid choice for quick and quality press releases.

Notion: Maintains professional standards with well-written and coherent press releases, marking its place as a dependable option.

Prowly: Offers well-written, coherent, and professional content, holding its own in the competitive landscape of AI press release generators.

Prowly AI Press Release Generated article.

EINpresswire: Ensures well-written and professional press releases (though not the best formatting), aligning with industry expectations and making it a viable choice for businesses that is looking for an easy to use AI press release generator.

MarketersMEDIA stands out in the “Quality of Content” category among AI press release generators, known for its consistently high-quality, professional releases. Hypotenuse and Prowly also deliver commendable content, particularly noted for Hypotenuse’s “continue writing” feature. While other services like Copy AI, Hyperwriteai, and Notion offer reliable content, they fall short of the top contenders’ depth. MarketersMEDIA positions itself as a premier choice for quality-focused press releases.

Customization and Input Detail:

MarketersMEDIA: Provides extensive customization options with detailed inputs for almost every aspect of the press release, including Press Release Date, City/Country, and specific details about the product or service. Additionally, a notable feature is its ability to rewrite highlighted text or sentences in the already-generated AI press release. This allows for further refinement and customization post-generation, ensuring the final content precisely aligns with the desired tone and message.

MarketersMEDIA AI Press Release Generator supports up to 8 different business use cases. Offers basic customization with inputs for the product/service name, press release subject, and optional keywords. This may be suitable for straightforward needs but lacks the depth for more detailed customization.

Hypotenuse: Allows for inputs like company name, description, and announcement, offering a moderate level of customization but may not cover all the specific details some users need.

Copy AI: Provides a template-based approach where users fill in the blanks to customize the draft press release. This method guides the users but may limit unique customization.

Hyperwriteai: Asks for a press release summary and offers options like longform or shortform and faster or smarter generation, giving some level of control over the length and quality of content.

Notion: Similar to Hyperwriteai, it requires users to complete draft versions of the press release, offering basic customization through user inputs on the announcement details.

Prowly: Goes more in-depth with customization, allowing users to select the type of press release, target audience, language, and key messages, followed by detailed follow-ups based on the initial input.

EINpresswire: Provides minimal customization with only a summary of the announcement required, which might suffice for basic needs but lacks the detailed customization of more advanced services.

MarketersMEDIA leads in offering extensive customization, allowing detailed tailoring of press releases and innovative text rewriting for precision. and Hypotenuse provide basic to moderate options, while Copy AI and Hyperwriteai offer templates and flexible solutions. Notion delivers fundamental customization, similar to Hyperwriteai. Prowly shines with its in-depth approach, and EINpresswire offers straightforward simplicity. MarketersMEDIA remains the standout for comprehensive and personalized press release creation.

Speed of Generation:

MarketersMEDIA: Fast in generating the press release, allowing users to move from creation to distribution quickly. Unable to evaluate the speed of generation as the press release wasn’t generating during the trial.

Hypotenuse: Delivers press releases quickly, ensuring minimal wait time from input completion to final output.

Copy AI: Generates press releases promptly, catering to the need for speed in press release creation.

Hyperwriteai: Known for its quick generation, offering options for even faster creation if needed.

Notion: Efficiently generates press releases once all inputs are completed, keeping up with the pace of digital communication.

Prowly: Speedily produces press releases, allowing for a swift turnaround from concept to finalized content.

EINpresswire: Quick in generating press releases, ensuring users can promptly disseminate their news.

In summary, except for, which couldn’t be evaluated, all platforms demonstrate a rapid generation of press releases, reflecting the efficiency and time-saving benefits of AI in news creation. The speed of generation is a common strength among these services, catering to the urgency often associated with press release distribution.

Tone and Style Adaptability:

MarketersMEDIA: Offers various press release types, including New Product Launch, Service Update, Website Launch, and more, indicating a range of tones and styles suited for different announcements. Provides an option to change the “tone of voice,” giving users some control over the style and feel of the press release to match their brand or message.

Hypotenuse: Does not offer specific features for tone and style adaptability, which may limit the ability to customize the press release’s voice.

Copy AI: Includes a feature to “Add Brand Voice” where users can input examples of their brand voice for the AI to mimic, offering a personalized touch to the press release tone and style.

Copy AI “Add Brand Voice” feature feature helps add context to your press release, nice touch.

Hyperwriteai: Does not provide specific adaptability features for tone and style, focusing more on content generation.

Notion: Lacks specific tone and style adaptability features, providing basic content generation capabilities.

Prowly: Allows users to select the tone of the press release (professional, bold, casual, etc.), providing a level of control over the style to match the intended audience and brand image.

One of Prowly’s AI Press Release Generator features allows you to customize the tone to your liking.

EINpresswire: Does not include specific features for adapting tone and style, focusing primarily on straightforward press release generation.

In terms of tone and style adaptability, MarketersMEDIA shines with its diverse range of press release types, allowing users to match the style effectively with their announcement’s intent. Copy AI and Prowly also stand out; Copy AI with its “Add Brand Voice” feature for personalization, and Prowly with its ability to select different tones, catering to a variety of brand images and audience expectations. These platforms, with their focus on adaptability and customization, prove to be top choices for businesses seeking to align their press releases closely with their brand’s unique voice and style.

SEO Optimization: 

MarketersMEDIA,, Hypotenuse, Copy AI, Hyperwriteai, Notion, EINpresswire: None of these platforms specifically highlight SEO tools or settings as part of their press release generation process. While they may produce quality content, there isn’t an explicit focus on integrating SEO strategies directly within the creation tool.

Prowly: Stands out as the only service among the competitors with dedicated SEO tools in its settings. Users can input meta keywords and make selections from a range of checkboxes for options like noindex, nofollow, noarchive, nosnippet, notranslate, and noimageindex. This array of SEO settings allows users to optimize their press releases for better visibility and ranking on search engines, making it a particularly valuable feature for those looking to enhance their online presence.

Prowly’s Press Release settings offer unique SEO customization as you see fit.

In conclusion, while most of the AI press release generators focus on content creation and customization, Prowly distinguishes itself with integrated SEO optimization tools. This focus on SEO is crucial for businesses that want their press releases not only to be well-crafted but also to perform well in search engine results, increasing the likelihood of reaching their target audience effectively.

Distribution capabilities:

MarketersMEDIA & EINpresswire: Both platforms offer direct distribution services, allowing users to not only generate press releases but also disseminate them through their network. This feature is particularly valuable as it provides an all-in-one solution for creating and distributing press releases, streamlining the process and potentially increasing the reach and impact of the announcements.

MarketersMEDIA’s quick and easy way to submit the AI Press Release.
EINpresswire’s quick and easy way to submit the AI Press Release., Hypotenuse, Copy AI, Hyperwriteai, Notion, Prowly: These platforms do not specifically offer direct distribution services as part of their press release generation tool. Users of these services would need to look for additional platforms or services to distribute their generated press releases, which might involve extra steps and coordination.

In summary, while all the mentioned platforms provide tools for generating press releases, MarketersMEDIA and EINpresswire stand out by offering direct distribution capabilities. This integration of creation and distribution in a single platform can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of press release campaigns, making these services particularly appealing for users looking for a streamlined approach to their press communication needs.

Language Support:

Prowly: Offers press releases in American English, British English, Polski, Español, Français, Deutsch, Português, providing language support that can cater specifically to audiences comfortable in these languages.

EINpresswire: Supports a broader range of languages, including English, Italian, Portuguese, French, German, and Spanish. This wide selection makes it a strong candidate for businesses looking to target a global audience or specific linguistic communities within these language options.

Hypotenuse: Offers a substantial variety of input and output languages, enhancing its capability to cater to a wide audience globally.

Copy AI: Offers language choice options, but this feature is accessible only in the paid version. They provide a selection of languages, expanding its reach and appeal to a global audience. This feature enhances its ability to communicate across various linguistic demographics, making it a versatile tool for international press release distribution.

MarketersMEDIA, Hyperwriteai, Notion: there was no explicit mention of language support, so they might primarily focus on English or require further investigation to determine their capabilities in supporting multiple languages or is only supported after subscribing to one of their plans.

EINpresswire, with its broad language range, along with Prowly and, lead in language support for AI press release generators. Hypotenuse also offers extensive language variety, enhancing its global applicability. Copy AI provides language choices in its premium version, while others may primarily focus on English. These platforms are key for businesses aiming for a wide-reaching, linguistically diverse audience.

Cost and Subscription Model:

MarketersMEDIA: Offers users the ability to generate up to three quality press releases daily for free. A subscription, which is fairly priced, would give you unlimited access to their AI Press Releases that has 100+ languages supported.

MarketersMEDIA’s Plan Is The Simplest Of Them All. It seems like there may be a more advanced AI model available, possibly suggesting a tiered service with advanced features locked behind a subscription or payment.

Hypotenuse: Provides a 7-day free trial and allows up to 6000 words, which can be a great way to test out its capabilities before committing to a paid plan.

Copy AI: Offers limited features for free, with a monthly subscription unlocking a plethora of features, including unlimited chat, brand voices, templates, multiple language options, and advanced AI models. This comprehensive package is designed for heavy users who need a wide range of capabilities.

Hyperwriteai: A subscription can unlock additional features such as a “personal assistant,” suggesting a tiered approach where more advanced support and features are available for premium users.

Notion: Allows use of its AI generator without any subscription or payment, positioning itself as an accessible tool for creating press releases. You can also opt to use Notion’s AI tool, which has access to many other features.

Prowly: Offers a 7-day free trial, providing users an opportunity to explore its features before deciding whether to commit to a subscription.

EINpresswire: No subscription or payment is required to use the AI generator, but there’s a cap of 25 press releases daily, which is a generous amount for most users but still ensures fair usage.

Selecting the appropriate AI press release generator involves weighing costs against features and individual needs. Notion provides free access, which is beneficial for users with infrequent needs or limited budgets. EINpresswire & MarketersMEDIA also offers free access, though with a limit of 25 & 3 press releases daily, respectively. For more advanced features, services like Copy AI and Hypotenuse are available at a premium, catering to users with more demanding requirements. Utilizing trial periods can be a strategic way to determine a tool’s value. Ultimately, the optimal choice will harmonize with the user’s financial considerations and specific needs for press release distribution.


After a thorough comparison, we’ve pinpointed three AI press release generators excelling in features and overall capabilities.

  1. MarketersMEDIA: Leads with top-notch content, extensive customization, and direct distribution, making it a comprehensive solution for impactful communication.
  2. Prowly: Offers unique SEO tools and deep customization, ideal for enhancing online visibility and creating detailed, targeted press releases.
  3. Hypotenuse: Known for quick content generation and the “continue writing” feature, perfect for those needing speed and adaptability in their press releases.

In conclusion, MarketersMEDIA, Prowly, and Hypotenuse emerge as the top three AI press release generators, each excelling in key areas. Businesses seeking reliable and impactful news distribution should consider these platforms to ensure their messages are effectively conveyed. As digital communication evolves, these tools are set to become essential for modern strategies.

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