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10 BEST ClearScope Alternatives That Will Perfect Your Content

ClearScope alternatives

Here is our compilation of the 10 best ClearScope alternatives that you must check out in 2021!

10 alternatives to ClearScope that you should consider today. 

ClearScope is the leading content optimization software for SEO.

It’s used by the biggest brands like YouTube, Adobe, and Shopify and has brought strong results.

However, is it really that great, and what about its alternatives?

We’ll look at 10 ClearScope alternatives that will help you bring the same (if not better) results.

What Is ClearScope & What’s So Good About It?

ClearScope is a very intuitive and easy-to-use tool.

We’ll go through the whole process, from keyword research to the publishing of the article.

Keyword Research

Type in the topic you want to write about to the Keyword search.  You’ll see the basic stats like search volume, competition, and CPC.

Pick the topic with decent search volume and moderate competition

It’ll ensure that you have a chance to rank for it and that it’s worth your efforts (people are searching for it).

Next, you need to figure out what to include in your content. You can do that with Relevant Terms and Questions.

Finally, it’s time to write your first draft.

My favorite feature: Writing editor

Start writing, and you’ll see keywords you should include on the right.

You can also see the typical content grade, word count, and readability for the top-ranking websites about the topic.

Try to beat it with your content to outrank them.

Completed content piece overview within Clearscope's editor.

When you’re done writing, you can easily upload it to WordPress or Google Docs with built-in integrations.

There’s only one catch – the price.

It’s costly, and most businesses or freelancers can’t afford it. 

Its cheapest package costs $170 / month, and, unfortunately, it didn’t come with the keyword research feature. I guess that could be the reason why you, or most people, are looking for a cheaper alternative to Clearscope. 

ClearScope pricing
ClearScope pricing packages.

Fortunately, there are much better ClearScope alternatives that are cheaper, have more features, and help you drive better results.

Let’s look at the ClearScope alternatives right now!

The Best ClearSope Alternatives

1. BiQ Cloud

My number one on the list would be BiQ Cloud. It is the best all-around SEO tool.

It has an unmatchable price and quality ratio and has shown strong results. Just look at the case study below.

BiQ Case Study

Rank Tracking

Rank tracking will track your rankings. It’s essential when applying new strategies.

You can track your rankings and see if they improve or not. It can give you valuable insight into the effectiveness of your strategy.

You’ll pick the keywords you want to track, and that’s it. 

best ClearScope alternatives - BiQ

After that is time for writing new content.

My favorite feature: Keyword Research

Unlike ClearScope or other alternatives, you get much deeper keyword research using Keyword Intelligence.

You’ll get more data that will help you perfect your content. You can see the trend, search volume, competition, value, and even intent.

You can also find Popular Questions you should answer in your article, which will help you be more relevant.

You can go to the Content Ideas tab to… Well, get content ideas.

Lastly, there are trending searches.

These are the up-and-coming searches that are likely to become popular in the future.

Keyword Intelligence - Trending searches

It’s the most sophisticated keyword research tool on the Internet.

Content Intelligence

If you’re looking to write content from the beginning, type in your target keyword and hit Start Writing. If you need to check your existing content, do the same but provide a URL to your article.

You can start writing with the help of Content Intelligence on the right.

It’ll analyze your content while you write and show you content grade, keywords to use, and many more…

It’ll show you the emotions you’re evoking and if you’ve matched the optimal keyword density.

Rank Intelligence

It’ll help you see how well you rank.

It’s similar to rank tracking, but instead of tracking keywords over time, you can see your current ranking situation using Rank Intelligence.

It’ll help you discover how well you rank for individual keywords.

Check your ranking keywords

You can use that strategy to find where you’re falling behind. You can then create new content for those keywords and rank higher.

The best thing about BiQ Cloud: Pricing

BiQ spearheads price democratization in the market. In fact, it is the world’s first SEO suite that provides granular cost control to users.

Unlike the other SEO tools in the market, you don’t need to pay for what you don’t use. In other words, you’re paying only for the features you use. 

You can find this in BiQ pricing FAQ section!

For example, if you are only interested in using the keyword research feature, you pay for the searches you made. It’s the best payment plan that will save you tons of money.

Better still, you can try out the tool for free by signing up for your BiQ free-tier account

2. SurferSEO

SurferSEO is another great alternative to Clearscope. It’s easy to use and very intuitive. 

Keyword Research

It has similar keyword research as ClearScope.

However, there’s their biggest shortcoming – the lack of data.

Unlike BiQ Cloud, you get almost no keyword data. It makes targeting the right keywords a lot more difficult.

You can also switch to Having the same terms or Questions on the left.

Surfer SEO keyword research

It’ll help you find related keywords and answer the most common searchers’ questions.

Review Surfer SEO

My favorite feature: Writing Editor

Surfer has one of the best content editors on the internet.

writing in surfer content editor:
An example of how it looks like

Go to Surfer’s Content Editor, type in your main keyword into the search bar, and hit Create a query.

You can try using the keyword, “Which programming language to learn.”

You should continue by setting up the editor by clicking on the Customize in the right upper menu.

You’ll then need to pick your competitors.

picking competitors in surfer content editor
An example of competitors

The writing guidelines will be based on their article, so it’s best to pick the top-performing articles in the search results.

Scroll down till you get to the Keyword section.

You should go and pick the primary and secondary keywords, which you’ll use in your article.

Lastly, there are questions you should answer in your content.

topics and questions in surfer content editor
An example of how it looks like

Pick the most popular questions searchers have and include answers in your content.

Click Finalize customization in the lower-left corner.

You can now start writing and get basic info like keywords to use words, number of images on the right.

The pricing isn’t bad, either.

You can get the basic package for $59 / month – a much lower price than ClearScope.

3. SEMrush Content Assistant

SEMrush is one of the most used SEO tools on the Internet.

It has great customer support, lots of features, and a large database of keywords.


You’ll start the process of writing by typing your main keyword into the search bar in the SEO Content Template.

best ClearScope alternatives - SEMRush

After that, you get a few useful tips that can help you with writing. Firstly, you’ll see your top 10 rivals on which the analysis is based.

Scroll down to see the target text length, readability, and related keywords. A really cool feature is Backlinks.

It’ll give you a list of the websites that are likely to link back to you. 

Scroll all the way down to see additional recommendations.

Now it’s time to start writing.

Click on the Real-time Content Check in the upper menu.


The writing editor is similar to other tools.

You’ll get the overall score, readability, related keywords, etc.

However, it can also tell you the tone of voice, which most tools won’t.

Aside from this, there’s one great feature – Google Docs Integration.

It’s my personal favorite.

You can get the same analysis directly in Google Docs. All you need to do is install the SEMrush addon, and you’re done.

It’s pretty expensive, though…

It may not be suitable for businesses that are just starting.


4. SEO PowerSuite’s Website Auditor

Unlike other ClearScope alternatives we’ve mentioned, Website Auditor is not an online application but the software you’ll need to download.

It has some unique features you’ll definitely love.

You’ll first need to buy it and download it from their website.

best ClearScope alternatives - Website Auditor

Once you install it, it’s time to start perfecting your content.

Go to Content Analysis > Content Editor on the side menu.


You’ll now need to decide whether you want to write from scratch or optimize existing content.

Type in the URL, enter the target keywords, and hit Optimize.

You’ll get an option to choose between Browser & Document modes.

  • Browser mode will show you the website as you see it in the browser. 
  • Document mode will strip down all design – it’s plain text.

I recommend using the document mode for editing.

It has the same text editor as other tools.

You can see all features like recommended keywords, overall score, basic SEO tips, etc., on the right.

My favorite thing: Word Cloud

Word Cloud can help you see which words will the search engine considered as the main keywords.

This can help you see if you’re targeting the right keywords or should add more relevant ones.

Lastly, you can click on the title to see how your website will look like in the search results. It’ll help you see whether the search engine is cutting your headline or meta description.

When you’re done, you can click on a little download button at the top.

It’ll allow you to download the HTML version of the webpage. You can then manually upload it to your website.

If we look at the pricing, you’re paying $299 for a year ($25 / month) professionally.


It’s a simple tool with lots of cool features that will enhance your content quality. It’s great if you’re looking for an affordable ClearScope alternative.

5. CognitiveSEO

CognitiveSEO is a super-easy tool, especially for beginners.

Cognitive SEO tool Review keyword tool

It’ll help you perform keyword research, compare yourself with competitors, and improve your content.

Keyword Research

Go to the Keyword Tool and type in your main keyword.

best ClearScope alternatives - CognitiveSEO

You’ll get a list of popular keywords.

You can filter them by the relevancy, CPC, traffic, and number of words –  great for finding long-tail keywords.

Cognitive SEO tool Review keyword tool arrows

Click on the Ranking Analysis to see how your competitors perform. 

You’ll get the average content performance and the performance of each of your competitors.

Cognitive SEO tool Review Ranking Analysis

You can compare your score with them later.

Click on the Content Assistant to analyze your content. Simply copy-paste it to the content editor.

Cognitive SEO tool Review content assistant

You’ll get detailed statistics about it and can even see if it’s eligible for ranking high. It’s calculated from the performance score

Cognitive SEO tool Review content assistant edited page content

You’ll also see how many keywords you use out of the recommended amount.

It can help you fix keyword stuffing, add popular keywords you don’t use, and help you rank higher.

It’s a great, cheaper ClearScope alternative.

My favorite thing about it is its ease of use. You have everything in one place; switch between the tabs.

6. MarketMuse

MarketMuse is similar to ClearScope.

But it has a nicer design and costs less (if you’re concerned only about the content optimization).

However, if you’re going with the optimized package (as most of you probably will), it’s constrained.

You will be able to access only the Optimize tool.

It’s a content editor that is especially beneficial for adding keywords. It won’t tell you much about the tone of voice, grade score, etc.

Related topic and variant topic lists in Optimize sidebar

However, if your main goal is adding keywords, it’s the best tool.

You’ll get a table of keywords with the amount of recommended usage on the right side.

Close-up of Head-to-Head Analysis in MarketMuse Optimize

Adding them to your content will increase your content score, which you can see on top.

Perfecting it will help you with ranking higher.

7. Dashword

Dashword has almost the same features as ClearScope.

It’s just an elementary content editor.

How to use Dashword

You’ll get keyword suggestions on the left and the content grade and word count on top.

Click on the reports to see the quality of your competitors’ content. 

It’ll also help you discover all topics you should cover to make your content more relevant.


It’s $99 / month with unlimited access to all features. 

You can also use a Hobby version – you’ll be able to generate up to 5 reports a month.

It’s a great ClearScope alternative; however, there are cheaper alternatives if the price is your main concern.

8. Frase

Frase is exceptional at creating content briefs.

It’ll help you work more efficiently and save a lot of time. There’s a two-step process for making your content better.

My favorite feature: Generating Briefs

Generating briefs has never been easier.

Go to Frase, click on Create a new document, and select Content Brief.


You’ll now need to select the brief type and the target keyword.

It’ll take up to 10 – 12 seconds to generate a brief. After that, you get an in-depth brief, which can help you write better content.

Optimize Content

Specify the URL and target keyword of your content and press enter.

Frase will import your content automatically and start analyzing it. It’ll give you recommendations such as keywords to use, readability score, etc.

You can also start writing content from scratch.

However, be sure to create a brief before starting an article. It’ll greatly enhance quality.

Frase has a very intuitive and nicely designed UI. It costs only $45 / month, which is very affordable.

9. SimilarContent

SimilarContent is very… Well, similar to other tools.

It has tons of features that can help you make your content better.

We won’t be discussing all of them (they’re the same as in the previous tools). 

Instead, we’ll look at one unique feature – Ranking predictor.

Go to SimilarContent and type in your target keyword in the search bar at the top.


You can then write content from the beginning or import an existing one.

As you can see, there are many different metrics. We’ll be focusing on the Ranking Predictor, which can improve your rankings.

Click on Analyze, and you’ll get the predictions.

The higher the number, the higher chances you’ll rank for that keyword.

This webpage is ranked #1 for “healthy weight loss.”

If you want to do the same for other search terms, start including more related keywords.

This can massively boost your rankings.

The price is extremely affordable, great for the tight budget.

10. Topic

The last ClearScope alternative on the list is Topic.

The Best SEO Content Optimization Tool - Topic

It has a similar design, features (and everything) to ClearScope. However, it contains some fine features, which ClearScope lacks.

It’s very basic. You get highlighted keywords, topics to cover on the right, and content grade at the top.

However, unlike ClearScope, you can also access briefs – my personal favorite.

Click on the Content Brief on the left and get all the valuable information about the topic you’re writing about.

It’ll help you spy on your competitors and make better articles.


If you’ve tried ClearScope, their text editor is pretty much the same.

Content briefs may please you, but the price will definitely disappoint you  (it’s more expensive than ClearScope).

It costs $200 / month, but you can get the 1st report for free with the trial. 

But if you aren’t a heavy user, you can cut off on price. They provide an adjustable pricing plan – paying for how much you use.


We’ve talked about the 10 ClearScope alternatives. And now it has come down to my personal favorite alternative. 

I personally love the BiQ Cloud. It has all incredible features like rank tracking, in-depth keyword research, and perfect Content Intelligence – all-in-one place. 

The best thing about it is its pricing – pay only for what you use.

Now I’d like to hear your opinions. 

Which ClearScope alternative do you fancy the most? 

Leave a comment below and let me know.

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