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7 Pro Tips to Drive More Website Traffic from Instagram

With more than one billion monthly active users, Instagram is a great social media platform to drive website traffic from. Here are 7 ways on how you can drive more website traffic from Instagram.

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Instagram is now a great platform for finding relevant leads for your business.

Regarding the one billion monthly active users, you can make sure that there are already some people who might be interested in your business and products.

Instagram can help you produce high-quality website traffic with a few simple strategies. 

If you want to learn how you can drive more website traffic from Instagram, there are marketing lessons to learn.

Here, you will know those that are relevant to Instagram.

Why Should You Use Instagram for Your Business?

Can You Use Instagram To Grow Your Business?
Source: Blogging Wizard

The answer is fairly simple.

Instagram has billions of users.

This means you can reach a large number of potential customers.

And promoting your brand on Instagram does not require a large expenditure when compared to other marketing strategies.

You do not have to pay a penny to use Instagram for your business.

However, if you want to spend money to get quicker results, you can choose the paid options to promote your business on Instagram.

Instagram sponsored advertisements or influencers are two options for paid advertising on the platform.

The benefit of using Instagram for paid advertising is that you may choose your own budget.

As a result, Instagram is both cost-effective and beneficial for your company.

Furthermore, Instagram is used for business by more than 25 million companies throughout the world.

And more than 200 million people view at least one business profile every day.

If you have a significant following on Instagram, you have a good chance of getting your business to the top.

What Are the Ways to Use Instagram to Drive Website Traffic?

Many marketers are talking about how to use Instagram to drive traffic to their websites.

While the free platform has several appealing features and a growing user base, converting your followers into clients might be tricky.

If you know how to use it to gain free website traffic, you will be able to attract a large number of leads to your website.

Here are five ways to drive more website traffic from Instagram:

1. Add Your Website Link in Instagram Bio

If you want to use Instagram to promote your website or business as a whole, you should know how to create a link to your website on the platform.

You must refer to your website on Instagram in order for your website to appear in the top search results for your chosen keywords.

If you have problems finding the related keywords to your niche, you can try BiQ’s Keyword Intelligence.

use BiQ to find keywords for your website link in Instagram bio

You will see all keywords come with vital insights such as how many people are searching for the keywords, the searcher’s intent, and so on. 

If you are unsure which keyword to use, you can sort the keywords based on their value.

The higher valued keyword means it can potentially bring more traffic to your website at a lower competition. 

To create a link to your website on the platform, there are a few different ways.

One of the most effective is to include a link to your website in your Instagram profile.

This will drive users to your site who are looking for what you have to offer.

This can provide you with a traffic bump from users who click on your link.

Things to pay attention to about Instagram link in bio:

  • You may already know that you cannot add a clickable URL in the captions of Instagram posts. However, you can use a Call-to-Action (CTA) phrase to encourage your followers to visit your profile and click on the link in your bio. For instance, you can write:
    “Get the full recipe from the link in bio”
    “Download the ebook from the link in bio”
    “Read more through the link in bio”
    “Tap on the link in bio”
    – etc.

Look at this example by @myrecipes:

example of how to drive website traffic from instagram
  • If you want to include more than one link in your Instagram bio, you should use AI tools that allow you to create a place with a specific URL where you can include all of your links. So, all you need to do is to add your links to that platform and then add the URL of the platform to your Instagram bio.

@selenagomez uses service to add all her links in her Instagram bio:

example of how to drive website traffic from instagram

2. Drive Users in Comments

You can also prompt your followers to check your Instagram bio in the comments.

Since so many people comment on Instagram, encouraging them to check out your bio link might have a big positive impact.

So, in addition to including a Call-to-Action (CTA) phrase in your caption, urging individuals in the comments to tap on your bio link may persuade some to click on your link.

As a result, you can easily turn your followers into website viewers and drive more website traffic from Instagram.

3. Add Your Link to Instagram Stories

Instagram has a feature called Instagram Shopping that allows businesses with more than 10k Instagram followers to add links to their stories.

Those who have been successful in obtaining a page with a large number of followers can now link their landing page to their story.

Your audience and followers can “Swipe Up” your story to go to your landing page. 

If you do not have a large follower base, you can try a 1000 free Instagram followers trial or use Instagram growth services and get organic followers. 

There are other eligibility requirements that you should meet if you like to access Instagram Shopping.

4. Share Your Link in Your IGTV Descriptions

Instagram IGTV is a feature that allows you to post videos that are longer than one minute.

The videos can range in length from fifteen minutes to an hour.

When your video is finished, write a description for it and include a link to your landing page in the description.

Remember that your video should be relevant to your link.

So you can use a relevant CTA and encourage your IGTV viewers to check your link. 

5. Organize Contests and Giveaways

Organizing competitions and giving away freebies on Instagram might help you generate attention to your website.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to ensure that you have quality content.

Many people will like your content if it is interesting and informative.

As a result, more people will visit your website.

Keep your post interesting enough so that you can motivate individuals to share the word.

This will result in a significant increase in Instagram traffic.

You must also remember to enjoy the competition and not allow the end to approach too quickly. 

Moreover, remember to keep the caption short and invite your followers to read the contest or giveaway conditions in the link you have included in your bio description.

As a result, every competition fanatic will click on your link.

And this is how you can quickly increase your Instagram engagement and drive traffic to your Shopify shop or website.

Look at how @upworkinc organizes a contest:

example of how to drive website traffic from instagram

6. Use Instagram Paid Ads

So far, we have introduced the no-payment ways you can drive more website traffic from Instagram.

So, you do not have to spend money if you apply the previous tips.

However, if you want to get quicker results and you have a budget, you can choose Instagram paid ads. 

Instagram recently announced that its API would be made available to all businesses and brands.

You can target the right demographic by investing in the platform and using people’s interests to do so.

With an ad spend alongside your Instagram strategy, it is probably to see an increase in website visits and eCommerce conversions.

Instagram advertising with clickable links allows you to be creative while also allowing your followers to discover more about your online campaigns or attribute direct money from Instagram.

Sponsored Instagram advertising is divided into three categories: photo, video, and carousel.

Let’s see an example for each of them:

  • Instagram Image Ads: Image ads are single photographs that use imagery to communicate a story. Here is an example by @justfab:
example of how to drive website traffic from instagram
  • Instagram Video Ads: One thing to pay attention to regarding Instagram video ads is that you cannot post your Instagram videos as the video in your Instagram video ads. You can shoot them in portrait or landscape style, and they can last up to 30 seconds. Here is an example by @apple:
example of how to drive website traffic from instagram
  • Instagram Carousel Ads: Because carousel ads can include up to four photos, they improve your Instagram storytelling. Retailers, automobile manufacturers, and non-profit organizations have been at the forefront of this new advertising product. Each of the three types of advertising has a Learn More button that directs viewers to your website. Here is an example by @joie:
example of how to drive website traffic from instagram

If you like to create an Instagram ad, you should only follow some easy steps and then wait for the ROI.

You can reach a wider audience with Instagram advertisements and promote campaigns that prioritize conversions by analyzing sales and views.

Instagram ads are budget-friendly because you can choose the amount of money that you want to spend on your ads.

You can choose your budget to be from one dollar to greater amounts.

Moreover, Instagram ads are highly efficient too because you can micro-target your audience.

You can choose the age, sex, location, interests, etc. of your ad viewers.

So imagine that your website is an online shop that sells kids clothing.

You can choose the target audience of your Instagram ads to be the 40-year-old mothers who live in London and love the white color, for instance. 

7. Collaborate with Influencers

Another paid way through which you can grow your website traffic with Instagram is to collaborate with influencers.

When it comes to increasing brand awareness and expanding your reach, you may require a little more help.

You may amplify your message by collaborating with influencers. 

The point you should pay attention to while collaborating with influencers is to choose the influencers that are relevant to your niche.

If you choose influencers that are in no way relevant to your niche, the money you spend on this collaboration is actually spent in vain.

The reason is that the followers of every influencer have certain demographics and interests.

If they are different from your target audience, they will not find your products and services interesting and they will simply ignore the promotion.

Influencers attract followers because they are well-known and respected for their product recommendations and reviews.

If you force them to promote you in the language that you want, it is likely that their followers feel that they are watching a commercial.

Leave the influencers free so that they can perfectly promote you in their word-of-mouth style of promotion. 

Just give them some general instructions and tell them what you exactly want to promote.

Make sure influencers use effective calls to action to direct their followers to your website when dealing with them.

This can be accomplished using Instagram videos or compelling prose that includes a link to your website.

Look at how @audible_ca collaborates with @jessedriftwood:

example of how to drive website traffic from instagram


If you want to use Instagram to drive more website traffic, you will need to first learn how the platform works and how to make the most of it.

Then you should choose whether you like to spend money on your goal or you prefer other free alternatives.

The methods above can show you how to use Instagram to drive more website traffic and sell your products or services, or simply enhance your website ranking.

Remember that you should be patient and active in promoting your website on Instagram.

Try these strategies and see what happens next.

It may take some time for you to get what you want but it is definitely worth it.

Wish you the best of luck!

I am Parichehr Parsi, a born writer, and a freelance copywriter in the fields of travel, fashion, and Instagram marketing. I currently write for DMPro, Realtormate, and online magazines in Italy and I love reading, writing, and researching. Find me on LinkedIn!

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