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The Ultimate Guide To Take Big Data for SEO to the Next Level

big data for SEO

Big data is not something new in this world. The usage of big data is known to bring a lot of positive impacts to the world be it in marketing, banking or healthcare.

This article is for business leaders who want to make use of big data for SEO to propel their business and win big.

Today, nearly every industry globally is using big data for future planning. Big-name companies have mastered the art of predicting how their consumers will live, what they will buy, when, and even why they buy it.

While this might seem like a lot to take in, it’s happening even now and has been for some time now.

Still, it isn’t a crystal ball. But certain data set types like those that span decades or centuries (long data) can now provide far more predictive power. That’s what big data is, or what it can do.

When it comes to forecasting cultural shifts such as the rise of smart devices, even the most sterling data might not be enough.

At its best, though, big data for SEO can ground and enhance human limitations beyond measure. All the more reason why you should implement its use for your business if you haven’t already.

What is Big Data for SEO?

Big data is essentially the collection and analysis of a vast set of data that you can use to improve how your business approaches related problems.

As of writing this, big data for SEO has a huge impact on the world today, logistically, socially, and even in the business sphere. There’s no escaping it. If you want to be a successful business both on and off the internet, you must understand the importance of big data and get into the game.

big data sample image

It’s a major part of most business’ decision-making processes and has proved to be very effective at providing accurate consumer behavior predictions and other sales processes.

There are currently several big data companies and organizations, with Google considered the major big data source. Therefore, it’s no surprise to expect it would influence online searches significantly.

Content is becoming data so fast that search engines would soon be able to crawl and analyze almost everything data-oriented and deliver more relevant results searchers are looking for. Search results are becoming more structured as Google develops richer snippets and local search packs for searchers.

Google is a classic example of what a big data organization is.

What Are Some General Uses of Big Data Today?

Your potential customers already use thousands of search terms to find relevant information about answers to certain questions and solutions to certain pain points.

Analyzing this data provides you with a better overview of who your consumers are, what they want, why they want it, and when they want it. You’ll have access to this and other valuable insights that provide even better-informed SEO efforts.

1. Fraud Prevention

big data usage is to prevent fraud
Image Credit: IBM

It’s no surprise that the usage of big data has coincidentally led to the rise of cybercrime. The bigger data we store, the higher the chances of hackers exploiting vulnerabilities in your system and stealing client information.

The banking and financial sector has been the worst hit by fraud and other cybercrimes. Various safety precautions such as credit card fraud detection and archival of audit trials have significantly stemmed fraudulent activities, especially ones on card fraud.

By analyzing previously collected data and those of previous brute force attacks, banks can now predict where, when, and how future attempts may occur.

It’s one of the big data advantages that helps the financial sector track, prevent, and handle any issues related to net banking failures and miss transactions. Big data collection can help institutions to detect and predict possible server spikes and manage their transactions accordingly.

All this is possible through the usage of big data.

2. Discover Consumer Shopping Habits

Which business wouldn’t want to know their consumers’ shopping habits? After all, customers are the most important assets all businesses depend on. There’s no single business that can confidently claim success without establishing a solid customer base first.

However, even with a solid customer base, you still cannot disregard the high competition your business faces.

usage of big data is to discover consumer shopping habits

There’s nothing simple or easy about attracting and maintaining a strong customer base for your business. However, using big data for SEO helps to lighten the load by understanding your customers’ shopping habits better.

If a business is slow to learn what its customers are looking for, it can easily offer poor quality products without knowing. In the end, you’ll be the one who loses your clientele, thereby creating an adverse effect on business success processes.

With the usage of big data, you’ll be in a better position to observe various consumer-related trends and patterns. You can use this data to further optimize your products/services to boost your lead conversions and increase sales.

Understanding customer insights allows you to deliver exactly what your customers expect from you. It’s the most basic strategy to maintain high customer retention.

3. Personalized Marketing

Businesses and marketers have used personalized/targeted ads since long before the internet.

How? They did it with minimal data. These could be based on what consumers might like using based on their radio and TV consumption, responses to emails in surveys, and insights from other unfocused one-on-one interviews.

usage of big data is to personalize marketing
Image Credit: FormGet

Today, with the existence of the internet and big data evolution, marketing has evolved exponentially to the point where businesses can collect or buy massive data troves. In this collected data, you would find a treasure trove of what consumers in your niche normally search for, click on, and even like.

Advertisers have transformed to become some of the biggest big data players. Online platforms like Google, Facebook, and Twitter are excellent examples of big data players. These internet giants have amassed a great deal of data about people worldwide to allow advertisers to run more targeted campaigns.

For example, you can now target consumers based on their clicks or likes on Facebook. You will also get a different result when you target consumers on the same platform based on campaign leads. Big data for SEO has made this possible.

4. Weather Forecasting

The increasing evidence of climate change globally is reason enough for people to want to know more about the weather and weather patterns. Everything from what will happen tomorrow to what you should expect next year is now made possible through big data.

usage of big data is to forecast weather

However, to forecast weather more accurately, you must analyze a large enough data set, using big data in weather forecasting. This will provide you with numerous advantages like saving lives, reducing risks, improving the quality of life, and enhancing profitability and humanity.

You can actually save many lives by accurately predicting when the next major earthquake or hurricane will be.

It’s one of the major big data advantages the world has come to appreciate and embrace. Weather forecasters must define several weather forecasting operations and analyze each application and its challenges. And we’re talking about really big data here, which may go back centuries for forecasters to make more precise and accurate weather predictions.

5. Route Planning

How do you think Google Maps can pinpoint your exact location and use it to direct you to the precise location you ask it to?

But that’s the nutshell version of it.

usage of big data is to do route planning

Technology has transformed navigation to the point no one or business is “invisible” anymore. Today, a vast majority of smartphone users rely heavily on their devices to provide them with directions. These directions are courtesy of big data. Google will use big data to provide more relevant information on traffic patterns, best routes to locations, etc., gleaned from satellite images, government agencies, and other sources.

Big data also affects how packages, cars, and planes move. You will find packages and orders made online with tracking numbers. Planes also analyze data to find better routes to increase fuel efficiency. And cars use big data to optimize the autonomous driving revolution further. It’s closer to becoming a reality than we think.

6. Predicting Outbreaks and Epidemics

So far, big data already has a huge impact on the healthcare sector. Using predictive analytics and other big data processes, medical experts can now collect and analyze data to provide more personalized healthcare services to patients.

usage of big data to predict outbreak and epidemic
Using big data to track the status of the Coronavirus.

Moreover, medical experts can now use big data to make more accurate predictions of epidemics and pandemics. Healthcare institutions also have more data to make predictive analyses of possible outbreaks and their spread patterns.

Using this big data, the healthcare sector can warn the public to brace for incoming epidemics and pandemics. The Coronavirus is the more recent example of how big data helped stem its spread further than it already has.

7. Customized TV Shows

In this digital age of multitudinous data, delivering entertainment directly to your consumers’ devices is now a reality. Several online streaming services already use big data to deliver unique content to each user in a more personalized way.

Thanks to streaming platforms like Netflix, you can now easily access TV shows and films right to your device.

Video on Demand sites like Netflix has contributed toward the vast shift from cable TV to digital TV. Netflix will show you where you left off, what your closest pick would be, etc. Who wouldn’t want that?

6 Big Data Advantages for SEO

It’s already evident that big data for SEO has a vast influence on how online businesses function. This doesn’t influence marketing only, but also how businesses conduct daily activities to meet their goals.

With that, let’s dig deep into how these businesses use big data for SEO to meet their objectives and goals:

1. Offers Deep SEO Insights

Search engines like Google already convert content into quantifiable data, thereby allowing the search engine to produce more accurate results that marketers can use for insights.

The usage of big data is what allows SEO to apply different techniques like keywords, linking, plus on-page optimization to reach out to customers.

Businesses can now also combine efforts like content marketing, local SEO, and mobile data, which help to propel even more accurate user insights for businesses.

Again, all this is made possible through big data for SEO.

BiQ Rank Intelligence big data for SEO

Successful businesses have also been known to use online SEO suites like BiQ Cloud to optimize their content for search engines and users. BiQ Rank Intelligence is a great tool that will help you gain a competitive edge over your competitors by knowing what their keywords are by building a keyword map using their data.

With BiQ’s Rank Intelligence feature, you’ll have critical insights into how to step up your marketing efforts by analyzing your competitors’ keyword performances.

This way, you’ll know all the keywords they’re ranking for and optimize your content using a strong keyword map. You can also follow suit and use their keywords to optimize your content for the search engine and users if they are strong enough.

2. Keyword Analysis

Keyword tools like BiQ Keyword Intelligence provide businesses with highly relevant insights into the intent behind every keyword searcher will likely use when searching for your content.

BiQ’s Keyword Intelligence will also tell you which long-tail keywords will bring the highest possible value to what your users are searching for.

Ideally, you’ll want to optimize your content to have what data users will find irresistible to click on. Big data for SEO helps make this possible.

3. Creating & Delivering Relevant Content

Billions of people are already connected and use the internet to search for content online. Any of these people could bump into your brand online. And when they do, it’s your job to capture their attention by creating and delivering high-quality, relevant, and engaging content.

You must also deliver content at the right time on the right platform. Otherwise, all your hard work will have been for nothing.

Here’s where BiQ Content Intelligence will help you create content that’s optimized for the search engines and users. The tool will provide you with critical insights and content-driven strategies to ensure your posts are SEO-friendly.

BiQ Content Intelligence usage of big data ensure your posts are SEO-friendly.

You never have to second-guess your content’s readability rank quality with this Content Intelligence tool.

4. Understanding User Behavior

Both marketers and big data have a profound desire to collect as much information as possible about their audiences. This data will help them to understand user behavior better and optimize content that meets individual consumer preferences.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense that big data plays a critical role in marketing strategies. However, the secret lies in how well you leverage big data into your SEO strategies.

5. A New Search Factor: Social Media Data

It’s no secret that social media now plays a significant role in big data collection and analysis. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are treasure troves of data collection.

new search factor for social media as big data advantages

As more people center their social interactions on these social media platforms, they become more influential in how SEO is structured, thereby forcing businesses to consider them and their metrics when optimizing their websites for users.

6. Presenting Data in a More Simplified and Natural Way

The idea behind content marketing relies on your creativity to present data more naturally. You’ll want your users to enjoy reading your content. For that, it must flow smoothly and have everyday easy-to-understand words.

big data advantages is to present data in a simplified manner

Big data for SEO allows marketers to create content that Google can access easily, crawl, index, and deliver to your target audience. This is how you win in the battle for dominance in your brand niche.


Big data for SEO is the new trend for businesses looking to dominate the search engine results pages for certain keywords. With it, you can give your business the desired visibility and page rank. The chances of conversions also improve significantly, making it a smart consideration for businesses.

Those who are yet to utilize big data analytics are going to miss out on a lot. It’s about time you started using these advanced data to gain better insights into your niche, customers, and the market as a whole.

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