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Keyword Intelligence

Generate Semantically Related Keywords (LSI)

BiQ suggests keywords that are semantically related to your target keyword. Use them in your content to help search engines understand your content better.

Conduct Keyword Research for Local SEO

BiQ will help you to dominate your niche wherever you are located. Localized keyword research will help you find the most valuable keywords for your local business.

Research In More Than 45+ Languages

BiQ allows you to do your keyword research from a choice of more than 45 languages. This will make your keyword choice relevant to your target customer.

Uncover Hidden Opportunities With Long Tail Keywords

Find a handful of long-tail keyword opportunities you can rank for. All it takes is just a single seed keyword to get you hundreds of long-tail keywords.

Get Accurate Real-time Keyword Data & Trend

BiQ provides your keyword research with accurate real-time data and trends. Discover keywords that you are searching for and use them to hack the SEO ranking.

Identify The REAL SEO Value of Each Keyword

Get to know high-value keywords that will boost the organic traffic of your website. BiQ combines both statistical formula and contextual analysis to let you know the SEO value of each keyword.

Decipher Your Customer’s Behavior With Keyword Intent Analysis

BiQ uses its rule-based machine-learning algorithm to predict the real intention of each keyword. Knowing your customer’s intent is the key to create content that they will want to read.

Discover Popular Questions Your Customer Ask

BiQ will show you how to create content that answers your customers’ questions. This will bring in traffic whose search implies that they're in the market for your product.

Find Trending Topics & Keywords For Your Content

Explore what are the hot searches now. Stay up to date with the trending topics so you can easily develop clickable and shareable content.

Reveal Your Competitor’s Keyword Profile

BiQ will reveal all the keywords that your competitor is using. BiQ generates them using neural networks technology just like how Google does.

Brainstorm Content Ideas

BiQ gives you fresh content ideas that come straight from the top SERP results, ensuring they please both your customers and search engines.

Analyze Hundreds Of Keywords At A Time

Take manual discovery off your keyword research to-do-list. With BiQ's batch analysis, it makes doing research quicker and help saves time!

Collect & Revisit Keywords That You Like

Keywords found will be automatically stored in our database. BiQ will save your work and keep your progress in check.

Rank Intelligence

Discover Ranking That You Don't Even Know

BiQ reveals keywords that are ranking for your pages you may not have known. This will help you notice important keywords without relying on guesswork.

Uncover Your Hidden Ranking Potential

BiQ’s entire site deep neural analysis will point out hidden ranking potential, letting you know the keywords and associated pages you should optimize for easy ranking.

Identify Featured Snippet Opportunities Of Your Website

BiQ allows you to analyze all the keywords your website ranks for that contains someone else's featured snippet. These are your “quick-win” opportunities to get the featured snippet.

Track Your Competitors’ Ranking Movement

See how your competitors' are ranking for your target keywords. BiQ allows you to use this information to track and compare your optimization progress against them.

Hijack Your Competitors' Position Zero

BiQ will reveal your competitors’ keyword that has featured snippets. Optimize your content with these keywords to improve your search ranking.

Research & Get Alerted On New Position Zero Opportunities

Find out how your website can rank on position zero. BiQ will alert you when new opportunities for position zero are found.

Get Notified on New & Lost Position Zero

BiQ will notify you when there is any new or lost position zero for your website. Immediately act upon this information to seize the opportunities.

Track Ranking Movement of Your Keywords

Track your website's ranking position for each keyword in the Google Top 100. BiQ makes your daily keyword tracking easy and simple, all in one place.

Track Ranking Movement of Your Pages

Monitor the ranking movement of individual web pages. BiQ allows you to see if there is any small to significant movement to enable you to act upon them.

Correlate Your Optimization With Ranking

Discover how your SEO efforts are paying off on the SERP. BiQ will inform you of the state of your website SEO and ranking changes.

Link Intelligence

Visualize & Optimize Your Link Structure With BiQ Link Mapping

BiQ simplifies your complex website's link structure into an easily digestible visual map. Making an insightful decision is now just one glance away.

Receive AI-Guided Link Building Blueprint

Gain insights into how BiQ’s modern AI-guided suggestions will increase your chances of success when it comes to linking.

Measure The Link Value of Each & Every Link With Link Relevancy Rater

BiQ calculates the contextual similarity between pages within your site and reveals to you their link relevancy, so you know which link to keep and which one to drop.

Identify High (and low) Value Internal Links

BiQ reveals the exact SEO value of every link on your website. With this, you'll be able to assess internal links pointing to your content with high search visibility.

Find & Fix All Broken Links

Check if there are any hidden links on your website and fix them immediately. You don’t want those links to be damaging your site's reputation.

Identify All Redirect Links

Use BiQ to audit the old URLs on your site. Check if they are redirected correctly and spot any errors that might need fixing quickly.

Profile Your Most Linked Internal Pages

Improve your internal link structure by linking closely related pages together. Achieve this through BiQ's advanced document analysis; measuring the relevancy between your pages.

Manage Your Outbound Link Profile

Appear as an authority in the eyes of the search engine when you manage your outbound link profile effectively.

Manage Your Anchor Text Distribution

Make better-informed decisions by analyzing your website’s anchor text distribution. BiQ enables you to classify them in categories and health scores.

Receive Notifications On New Linking Opportunities

Keep your linking profile in tip-top condition. BiQ periodically updates you with brand-new linking opportunities as your website gets updated over time.

Keep Track Of Your Link Optimization Progress

Set reminders to follow up, track and analyze your link building progress in an easy-to-manage dashboard. Now you can work like a well-oiled machine!

Content Intelligence

Analyze 25 Crucial Ranking Factors Instantly

Get an enterprise-grade assessement of your site’s strengths and weaknesses. They are based on 25 important content benchmarks; Content Readability, Link Density, Keyword Placements, and more.

Receive AI-Guided Content Optimization Steps

Having AI-guidance ensures consistency in brand, message, and style across all types of content. This approach also shows you ways to make further improvements.

Unrivaled Optimization Precision With Advanced Line-by-line Analysis

BiQ's line-by-line analysis will enable a high volume of text to be better analyzed. It saves time while providing more insights from the business data perspective.

Measure The SEO Value Of Each & Every Paragraph

Achieve maximum precision to know if each paragraph is contributing to the SEO of the page. BiQ allows you to gain insights into which paragraph you can further modify, optimize or delete.

Always Write With The Right Tone With Sentiment Analysis

Powered by BiQ's deep neural network, the Sentiment Analysis grades your writing into 9 categories. Have peace of mind knowing you won't annoy your customers when you only want to please them.

Speak The Way Your Customers Speak With Readability Rater

Gain total control over how casual or professional your writing is. BiQ tells how readable your content is by statistically analyzing your content structure.

Write For Your Local Community

BiQ allows you to optimize your content for 50+ languages and 100,000+ locations all around the globe. Strong local search presence is the key to generating more leads and conversions for your business.

See Your Content From Google’s POV

Ensure your pages are not only rich in content but accompanied with relevant experience for your readers. BiQ also shows you a clear road map on how to optimize as per the search engine's requirement.

Understand What Your Customers Look For In Your Content

Get insights into what your customers are looking for in your content. Answer their search intent by creating content that speaks to them directly.

Track Your Content Optimization Growth & Performance

Monitor the performance of your content and make better decisions. Know which pages are worth investing at any given time so a higher ROI can be achieved.

Markup Intelligence

Map Your Site-wide Markup Profile

BiQ enables you to quickly and easily map your site-wide markup profile so that search engines can understand the data on the page.

Discover Highly Relevant Markup Opportunities

BiQ's microdata format allows you to discover highly relevant markup opportunities. This also helps search engines provide richer results which boosts your SERP ranking.

Receive On Point Markup Suggestions

Take advantage of accurate markup suggestions, using recognized and structured format data as to how the search engines recommend.

Uncover Your Competitors' Markup Profile

BiQ helps you gain an important industry perspective. It is important to find out where your website stands in terms of the schema language your competitors are diving into.

Identify & Fix Harmful Markup Errors

Easily review your existing pages and discover any specific errors. BiQ gives you a high-level of understanding so you can identify and remedy the issue at hand.

Keep Track Of Your Markup Health Status

Keeping track of your schema markup is critical to your SEO success. BiQ's markup intelligence helps you pivot your priorities when your health status is on the lower end.

Site Intelligence

Perform Detailed Site-wide SEO Audit

Perform a thorough website audit to find bottlenecks that affect your website’s visibility. A complete website audit gives you a clearer view on how you can improve sales and conversions.

Discover Missed Ranking Opportunities

BiQ lets you tap into data, allowing you to discover ranking opportunities that you aren't aware of. Imagine the possibilities you could've missed thus far!

Receive Actionable Site-wide Optimization Steps

Get a full report with clear, actionable, and in-depth SEO recommendations. This will help you improve your rankings and increase traffic from organic search.

Benefit From Prioritized Optimization Plan

Start with fixing critical SEO issues first, then move to other issues. BiQ shows you how to efficiently prioritize your issues and fix them in the shortest time possible.

Discover Competitors' SEO Errors

BiQ conducts deep competitor research and monitoring, helping you to reverse engineer your competitors’ SEO strategy.

Download Extensive Site Intelligence Report

Export and download an extensive report on your website in a white-label PDF. Learn the problems, scores, and fixes to your website's SEO performance.

Track Your Site-wide Optimization Progress

BiQ allows you to access historical data with just a few clicks. You'll get a dynamic comparison of your optimization progress to see what still needs working on.

More Features

Save & Track All Data That Matters

Keep all the crucial data ready at your fingertips. Save and track data that matters to your business.

Serve Your Clients with Your Brand

Build, manage and share exclusive white-label reports. BiQ allows personalized branding to help you gain trust from your clients.

Export in Any Format You Need

BiQ allows exporting in any format that matches your needs. Export data to an excel or CSV file to speed things up tremendously.

Adaptive Filters For All Data

BiQ’s filters will change based on what is important to your research. Adjust the filters according to your optimization strategy.

Receive Google Approved SEO Tips

BiQ enables you to maximize your search efficiency with Google Approved SEO Tips. Make Google love your website and celebrate it with a higher rank.

Collaborate With Your Team

No extra charge for as many simultaneous users as you want. Invited members will be able to update their roles upon signing up.

Comprehensive User & Team Management

Plan and assign tasks in a single dashboard. BiQ allows adding unlimited users to a team.

Get Notified As You Need It

Set up triggers and get all the essentials straight to your inbox. No more spending extra time checking your SEO data manually.

Scale As You Grow

BiQ enables scaling of individual features that you use more of and scale down on features you no longer need, all within your control. Think Amazon Web Services for SEO tools, where pricing is democratized.

Pay Only For What You Use

BiQ gives you the flexibility to pay only for what you use. Customize your usage to fit your needs.

Don't Pay For What You Don't Use

BiQ provides granular cost control. If you don't use a certain feature, you don't pay for it.

  • Keyword Intelligence
  • Rank Intelligence
  • Link Intelligence
  • Content Intelligence
  • Markup Intelligence
  • Site Intelligence
  • More Features
  • Keyword Intelligence
  • Rank Intelligence
  • Link Intelligence
  • Content Intelligence
  • Markup Intelligence
  • Site Intelligence
  • More Features


We have all experienced a time where you only need to use the keyword research tool but was forced to buy the entire marketing suite? Or were you in a constant dilemma where you really wanted to use the tool, but buying the entire suite is simply too costly?

Unlike traditional / conventional SEO suites that sell in packages of various sizes, BiQ approaches this differently.


BiQ promises to give cost control back to you by designing the entire tool to provide granular cost control. You pay only for what you use.

Think Amazon Web Services for SEO Tools, where pricing is democratized.


If you don't use a certain feature, you don't pay for it. Pay only for the features that you use.

If you are only using keyword research, pay by your keyword volume and not for other features like site audit or content analysis.

Why Pay For An Entire Suite When You Don't Need Everything?

Time for a change.

And many


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