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Join The BiQ Rewards Program and win up to $1,000!

This is the blog writing rewards that you definitely do not want to miss this year.

We’re really excited to announce the BiQ Rewards Program – your chance to win up to $1,000 in cash and more!

In light of the BiQ’s recent launch, we would like to invite bloggers and content marketers to try out BiQ and showcase your content creating skills to the world. 

Why BiQ Rewards Program?

Because we care about what you think about BiQ and how we can bring BiQ to the next level for you.

Most importantly, we want to reward you for being one of the first BiQ’s early users. 

What You Will Get?

In this BiQ Rewards Program, everyone will win!

Just submit your entries and you will automatically get a Free-Tier Access to BiQ, plus $10 BiQ credit if the judging criteria are met.

You must have also heard that – you can win up to $1,000 from a pool of $10,000 in cash!

Yes, we will be selecting the best entries to win up to $1,000 in cash. 

Read on to learn how you can win the massive rewards!

How To Join The Rewards Program?

Here is the step by step guide on how you can join the rewards program.

Step 1

Fill out the form on the rewards program page. Please make sure you enter a valid email address because we will send the Free-Tier access activation to BiQ to your inbox. 

Step 2

You can write or create content on any topic but make sure it is related to BiQ.

Here are some examples of topics that you can write or talk about:

  • What is BiQ and How to Use It?
  • How to use BiQ for Keyword Research
  • BiQ for Beginners
  • How to use BiQ for SEO
  • BiQ Review – Step-By-Step Guide to Using BiQ
  • 5 Ways to Use BiQ for More Traffic
  • How to use BiQ for Content Analysis
  • How to do Keyword Gap Using BiQ

Reference URLs:

Article entries:

The Best Free SEO Tool You Should Be Using – BiQ SEO Suite

How To Use Keyword Intelligence to LEVEL UP Your SEO Strategy

Rank Intelligence: Unlock the Potential of Your Keyword Rankings

Video entries: 

3 Steps To Do Content Optimization With BiQ

Discover The Opportunity To Strengthen Your Content Optimization
Using Word Vector To Do Content Gap Analysis

Step 3

Once you publish the article on your blog or the video on your Youtube channel, share your article or video link with us on the email address: with the subject “BiQ Rewards Program”

For more information about the BiQ Rewards Program, please visit

How To Win The Rewards?

Write a post or create a video, it’s up to your creativity! We would love to see them all. 

It’s easy to win the rewards!

Here are some of the important criteria that you must fulfill to get the chance to win the awesome rewards:

The Length Of The Content

If you are writing content, make sure your articles should be a minimum of 1,500 words long. And if you are submitting video content, make sure it is a minimum of 3 minutes length. 

Creativity and Originality

We are looking forward to hearing about your experience using BiQ, and how it can help you to grow your business. 

Write your original masterpiece about BiQ, and believe me, you are doing a favor to your website rankability too. 


Adding visual elements to your content will increase the engagement to the page. So, we encourage you to include attractive visuals, screenshots, or any relevant data to your submitted piece. 

Fret not, every participant will receive access to BiQ once you participate in the rewards program. Just make sure to check your inbox. 

Practical Values

Readers or viewers love content that has practical value. Since it will be published on your website or Youtube channel, it would be beneficial to give what you think best for your consumers. 

Content Interaction

We will be taking into account the number of likes, comments, and shares for your masterpiece too. Do share them with your readers or followers!

If you are sharing your post on social media, don’t forget to use #BiQRewardsProgram 

Though surely not required, you can tag as well – we will be reading your posts and spread the interesting ones via our media channels. 

The Rewards Are Waiting For You!

See more details and join the rewards program now.

Remember that your content must be submitted before 30th June 2020

We hope to see your masterpiece soon! Good luck!

What is BiQ?

BiQ is an SEO suite that helps you perform your keyword research, content analysis, rank tracking, and monitor your overall performance progress. 

What differentiates BiQ from the rest of the SEO tools is this:

Even though BiQ is packed with more than 50+ SEO features, you do not need to pay a huge lump sum of money at one time, you will only pay for the features that you use. 

Yes, BiQ is aiming to give you the ultimate pricing flexibility and freedom by giving the cost control back to you. 

If you are only using the ‘Keyword Research’, you will only pay for it. You do not need to pay for the ‘Content Analysis’ until you need them to optimize your content. 

To sum it up, here are the four main modules that made up BiQ:

Keyword Intelligence

Content Intelligence

Rank Intelligence

Rank Tracking

More coming soon!

Take this great opportunity to give the BiQ SEO Suite a try and participate in the rewards program!

Take note that your content must be submitted before 30th June 2020

We hope to see your masterpiece soon! Good luck!

The Rewards Are Waiting For You!

See more details and join the rewards program now.

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BiQ Closed Beta Launch: We Are Inviting the First Batch of Users

Get excited everyone!

Today, we’re delighted to share that after eons of hard work, blood, sweat, and love, we’re taking a major step forward on our commitment to provide a revolutionary tool by celebrating the BiQ closed beta launch.

It’s currently only available to existing users who have signed up and have successfully maintained their ranks on the top of the queue. If you’ve just discovered us, you’re not late so don’t you worry! Just sign up at and be on the lookout for further instructions to get you qualified!

Join BiQ's Closed Beta Launch CTA Button

On a more interesting level, the team from BiQ has successfully forged a collaboration with SEOPressor, a pioneer in the SEO world that helps with on-page optimization. You might also be interested to catch a tip or two from their recent interview with our Co-founder, Ian. (He gave some good insights about BiQ!)

BiQ carries the torch of bringing an intelligent, innovative and ambitious future to the world of SEO. The tool is packed with powerful features your growing website needs. This post will introduce you to all the unique capabilities that are set to take off using the tool.

First and foremost, allow us to thank every single one of you for your patience and anticipation towards this tool. Receiving your messages of support throughout this period means a lot to the team and we can’t thank you enough.

We’ve heard your frustration towards having to pay excessively monthly, subscribing to various online tools to keep up with the ever-changing SEO world. We understand that many times we’ll face situations like this without other alternatives because the market packaged it that way, right?

As common users, most of us can’t do much but to abide by whatever pricing these tools have set in stone.


BiQ has completely changed the landscape of how SEO tools can go about. We know you want something DIFFERENT in the market – and we’re back with happy news!

The Only SEO Tool That Gives Cost Control Back To You 

BiQ is the only SEO tool that provides granular cost control. It’s better than the conventional SEO tools out there because you have the full-flexibility in paying for the features you use and not having to pay for those that you won’t need. 

You’re cutting all costs and promoting zero resource wastage by paying only for what you use.

With that said, we’ll be inviting our very first supportive batch of users to try out the features for free! In this release, you will see 4 main modules that constitute BiQ. 

They consist of:

  • Keyword Intelligence
  • Content Intelligence
  • Rank Intelligence
  • Rank Tracking

with a special feature lined up for you too;

  • BiQ’s Collection

The next part will highlight what BiQ has that other tools don’t. 

What Makes BiQ Different From The Rest Of The SEO Tools?

You might be asking now – “What makes BiQ different than its competitors?”

Instead of doing a comparison or a “battle between the best SEO tool”, I figured, why not showcase some of BiQ’s unique features and functionalities instead?

If you’re responsible for growing your website for your company, then you could most likely grow your audience – possibly pretty significantly – by using these unique features found in BiQ’s modules. 

The Unique Selling Points That Drive BiQ

(i) Price Democratization 

Think Amazon Web Services for SEO tools, where pricing is democratized. BiQ gives cost control back to you by designing the entire tool to provide granular cost control where features get inexpensive. 

When you start paying only for what you use, you directly reduce your total spending cost. 

(ii) Experience Ultimate Flexibility & Freedom

BiQ aims to give you the ultimate flexibility and freedom to pay only for the features you need. 

Want to know if your content is optimized as per the search engine’s requirement? Only choose to use BiQ’s Content Intelligence! 

Have clients that only want a monthly report on their website’s rank? Just pick BiQ’s Rank Tracking module and only that!

Keyword Intelligence 

(i) Keyword Intent Analysis

BiQ Closed Beta Launch Keyword Intelligence

Behind every Google search, there is an intention. 

To find out what type of content you should serve, you’ll need to segment your keywords by the user’s intent. Using the rule-based machine learning algorithm, BiQ’s keyword intent analysis automatically classifies the user’s intent for you; informational, navigational or transactional.

Leverage these terms and modifiers to infer what types of results or actions your visitors are aiming for.

(ii) Build Content Briefs With Popular Questions

Use BiQ’s Popular Questions feature to discover queries others may be interested in. It offers you a set of questions that relate to your original search query which you may build content briefs with. 

Consider answering these questions or create new content starting from these questions.

(iii) The Total Volume of Related Keywords

Do you know that combining hundreds of related keywords could lead to a total search volume of millions in numbers? (Provided that you rank for most of the related keyword that you’ve targeted)

Knowing the total search volume of related keywords that BiQ provides gives you the possibility of getting untapped traffic from related keywords. Most importantly, you’ll know instantly if it’s worth your effort to build a content hub to win all the related keywords.

(iv) Find Trending Topics & Keywords

Being in trend is a matter of being caring for your visitors, introducing them to the latest news in the market. 

Staying in the loop of trending content gives you an edge, which is what keyword intelligence will provide you with. Equip yourself with the most updated keywords and ideas with our app, people are more likely to follow and listen to what you have to say – you could be seen as a trend-setter.

(v) Filter Long Tail or Short Tail Keywords

In the keyword intelligence module, it’s possible to filter by “Long Tail” allowing you to select long-tail keyword suggestions. You can also use this filter to discover only the short-tail keywords. 

Make good use of them to get the type of keywords that you want; long tail or short tail in just one click.

(vi) Quick Search Bar & Advanced Dynamic Filter

We understand that having tools that allow quick filtering offers a fast and convenient way to bring up the best data for your specific needs. 

Across every module, BiQ’s filter feature will change based on what is important to your research. According to your optimization strategy, easily filter what you want to see in the quick search bar within a single second. 

Content Intelligence

BiQ Closed Beta Launch Content Intelligence

(i) Content With Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis involves analyzing the emotion the author is expressing through content. BiQ’s sentiment analysis can be classified into 7 different categories. 

It allows you to fine-tune a message or a piece of content for the greatest impact. By understanding what makes customers tick, these insights could multiply the reach and influence of any businesses.

(ii) Advanced Line-by-line Analysis

BiQ analyzes your content section by section, so you know exactly which part to work on.

With this feature, you’ll be able to achieve maximum precision to know if each paragraph is contributing to the SEO of the page. Gain insights into which paragraph you can further modify, optimize or delete until your content turns from “Edit Needed” to “Great”!

(iii) Word Vector SEO

BiQ analyzes the content gap with Word Vector SEO and suggests the best keyword composition to rank your website higher, making the website optimization effort priceless.

Now, search engines will pay more attention to your content!

Rank Intelligence

BiQ Closed Beta Launch Rank Intelligence

(i) Position Zero

We’ve always heard about how we should be ranking for position zero and getting the featured snippet position on Google. Yes, we know the benefits it brings but do you really know how you could get there? 

BiQ’s Rank Intelligence module will tell you how to capture valuable position zero spots and identify featured snippet opportunities! 

 (ii) Top 100 Ranking Opportunities 

BiQ reveals keywords that are ranking for your pages you may not have known. The tool’s deep neural analysis will point out hidden ranking potential, letting you know keywords and associated pages you should optimize for easy ranking.

Time to discover opportunities you never knew you could rank for!

(ii) Quick Search Bar & Advanced Dynamic Filter

We understand that having tools that allow quick filtering offers a fast and convenient way to bring up the best data for your specific needs. 

Across every module, BiQ’s filter feature will change based on what is important to your research. According to your optimization strategy, easily filter what you want to see in the Quick Search Bar within a single second. 

Rank Tracking

BiQ Closed Beta Launch Rank Tracking

(i) Accurate Rank Tracking from All Locations

BiQ’s rank tracking feature accurately checks positions for the location of your choice. Like everything else in this rank checker – these locations are – you guessed it – unlimited.

(ii) Rank Tracking Updates On Your Schedule

You’ll be given the option to select from intervals of Daily, Weekly, or Monthly rank checks for more cost-effective monitoring. 

Automating your ranking checks also means you don’t have to run them manually each time.

(iii) Focus On The Keyword Data You Care About

When you want to track your ranking for specific keywords, you can hone down your search criteria to get more accurate insights with the advanced filtering feature.

(iv) Ranking Change Notification

Whenever there’s a change in your ranking positions, you’ll see clear notification without having to spend time looking through rows of data.

(v) Quick Review Of All Created Profiles

For the sake of simplicity, all profiles created are composed into an easy to comprehend table with information in the most convenient and nicest way.

(vi) Tagging System To Organize Your Rank Tracking

Group your pages and keywords into different segments. Need a quick view of all your blog posts? BiQ’s tagging system allows you to tag them under a single tag so you can check their performance in a glance.


BiQ Closed Beta Launch Collections

(i) Neat Display Of “My Collections”

Not only will you have the ability to export your data in PDF and CSV, but you can also add them to a collection. The “My Collection” feature gives you a clear overview. 

All the data you wish to specifically track will be saved according to your modules so you can have quick access to them anytime. Give it a name and description for a clearer outlook and you’re good to go!

(All these, and we’re only in closed beta)

That my friends are obviously not everything…

What’s Next In Store For BiQ?

BiQ in the next few phases

We may have successfully released closed beta today but that’s not all! We’re only getting started because we have more awesome things in store for you!

We’re excited to announce an ambitious roadmap of more features. 5 other core modules are in the pipeline for the upcoming release. Just some final touches to make it a cut above – and we’re good to go! 

They include;

  • Link Intelligence,
  • Site Intelligence,
  • Markup Intelligence,
  • Team Management,
  • Community

Over the coming weeks, we’ll also be inviting our second, third, fourth, fifth batches… (there is no limit to when we’re stopping!)

Constructive Feedback Is Welcomed!

In the spirit to provide what our community truly needs, the team behind BiQ whole-heartedly accepts feedback to make the app more useful, and to hear your feature requests and requirements.

All features are in active development, which means your input directly shapes what we’re building next. You, and the entire SEO community, have the steering wheel in control.

Reach us on our email or talk to us through live chat if you’re successfully invited to BiQ!

First-Timer & Eager To Join the Revolution?

If you’re wondering what’s in for you after joining this revolution, here’s what you can expect. As a member of the closed beta program, you’ll help shape BiQ by test-driving pre-release features and telling us what you think. 

The program is your opportunity to experience upcoming pipeline features before they are publicly available, and weigh in on how we can make them better to help you crush your goals you’ve set. 

So sign up today and get invited to gain early access to new features. Try all the features before anyone else and most importantly, join a community of marketers shaping the future of SEO.

Join BiQ's Closed Beta Launch CTA Button

Finally, Refer To Your Friends & Get The Word Out!

We’re excited about this new chapter and thrilled to finally share what we’ve been working on thus far. We look forward to your feedback and have many of you make the BiQ closed beta launch a massive one.

Best Regards,

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