BiQ Rewards Program

Win Up To $1,000 In Cash!

July 1 - Aug 31, 2020

In honor of BiQ SEO Suite’s opening, we will be holding a special rewards program. We want you to share your experience in using BiQ and about why you would choose BiQ. This can be expressed in the form of an article or video content.

What Do You Think of BiQ? Tell Us Your Story.

After you’ve submitted a valid published link to your article or a valid published Youtube video link, we’d be picking the winners that are able to articulate and express BiQ in the most creative form!

*Note that traffic and views to the content will be taken into consideration too.

By 31st August.

The best submissions will be selected and announced on the website -

You stand a chance to win up to than $1,000 (if the judges think you aced the judging criterias) and we’ll have them featured on the site’s hall of fame!

Work on your masterpieces today and share them with us once you’re done!

Participating in the BiQ Rewards Program

  1. Fill out the form to confirm you’re in before the 31st August 2020
  2. Create and publish a/few pieces of content on your website (article/video)
  3. Share the published valid link with us via with the subject line of “BiQ Rewards Program” before the 31st of August

Now Everyone Can Win!

All participants stand a great change of bringing home the reward if the judging criteria are met.

In a scenario of how would one be able to get the highest prize, marks will be given as such:


Fulfills all the judging criteria with an exceptional amount of engagement

Receives $10 BiQ credit + potentially win up to $1,000 cash prize

Participants will be able to grab as much as they can until the prize pool finishes!

Judging Criteria

  • Content-Length. Articles should not be less than 1,500 words long if it is in written format; or a video of no less than 3 minutes for video content.
  • High-quality. The jury will assess how well the content is structured and influence your readers towards certain actions.
  • Creativity and Originality. The jury will assess the originality and creativity of the submitted piece. Content that is caught plagiarized will automatically be disqualified from the rewards program immediately.
  • Visuals. The jury will assess content with attractive visuals, screenshots and relevant data within the submitted piece.
  • Practical Values. The jury will assess if the content offers practicality and added value to readers. (research, curate, offer insights)
  • Article Views. Submissions that successfully drive a high amount of traffic to the written content.
  • Video Views. Submissions that successfully drive a high amount of views to the video content will have a higher advantage.

Important Conditions of the #BiQRewardsProgram


BiQ Rewards Program

Thank you for your participation!

Please check your email for the Free-Tier access to BiQ.

You should see the email within a minute or two.

If you are not seeing the email in your inbox, please check your spam or promotion folder.